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Q: When is Chris Browns new album coming out?
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Will Chris Brown come out with another album after Exclusive?

Chris Brown is coming out wit a new album called "Graffiti" and yes, it's after "Exclusive".

Is chris brown coming back out with a new albums?

yes he is he is coming out with an album late this year and it is called graffiti

What is chris browns latest song?

Chris Brown is an American singer and rapper, known for his single "Run It!" and "Forever". His latest single was "New Flame" from his album X.

Who is the little boy in Chris Browns new song crawl?

It is Chris Browns little friend and dance buddy.

Is Chris Browns new album called gaffitti?

well............if u ask me and u r a big fan of chris brown like i am wel then u wud search the internet looking for answers on a deiiferent website like or something like that. but luckilly i already know that the answer to the question that was given is... YEA.....chris brown does have a new album coming out called "Graffitti" but i don't kno wen it will b coming out tho..... wel that's sumthn i need to check on wel...BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When is taylor swift coming out with a new album?

She is supposed to be coming out with a new album in October of 2012.

When is skillet's new album coming out?

Skillets new album for 2012,Is coming out in September...! So but it!!

Where is chris browns next concert?

new youk

When is fall out boy coming out with a new album?

their new album, "Folie A Deux", is coming out on November 4th.

What is Chris Browns agddres?

All I know is that Chris Brown lives in New York

When is JLS new album coming out?

the jls boys are back with a new album!!! the jls is album is coming out in stores on the 13th July '10'

When does Chris Browns new CD graffitti come out?

when does chris browns new CD called graffiti come out... it has past march and April yet it hasn't come out yet!

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