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When is Dahvie Vanity's birthday?

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You can see it at the link - htt ps:// (just remove space)';''

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Dahvies birthday is September 5th

Vanitys* Its David Jesus Torres

His girlfriend is Brandi Brooks. They just started dating 7/17/10

Its pronounced "Dah-vie" like Davie with an "H" sound

his bithday is on september 5th 1985

Most of his hair is fake he is balding I have a family member who used to help him put in his hair extensions in hair school.

it is black he is puerto rican and it is his natural hair color minus the wild cool art he does other than it :D botdf forever they saved my life

His full birthday is September 5 1985


Her name was Brandie Brookes and that's all I know about it except that she died in a Car Crash!! Not a plane crash.It wasn't Brandi Brookes she is still alive, it was Branne brothers that died in the car crash that's who the song believe was made for. The story that I know is that Branne was with Dahvie and Jayy and when she left, she died in a car crash. Brandi is alive and well.

David Jesus Torres >No offense or anything but who has the middle name "Jesus"? Honestly, and if that is his real name... what were his parents thinking! um yea i think so, i have a friend named Jesus, seriously & that's his 1st name If im correct Dahvie is of spanish heritage and Jesus would be pronounced hey-zuz. I may be wrong but i think im right.

Dahvie isn't married to anybody.

That's really none of your business. If you want his number, BECOME FRIENDS WITH HIM. It's really that simple. It's not hard to make friends with him neither. I met him at a concert and asked if I could hang out with him afterward and we did and now I'm friends with him, and have his number! That simple hun.

No, he is currently (1/19/2012) 26 years old. His birthday is 5 September 1985.

Dahvie is Puerto Rican. Rawr <333

What is dahvie vanity name to fackbook

Currently it's Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe. It started with Dahvie and Christopher Mongillo;Then, Dahvie and Matty M. Lastly, Dahvie and Garrett, and now Jayy and Dahvie. :) ~Auddie Dottie Doll-face (Audrey Feltner)

Dahvie Vanity was born and still lives in Orlando, Florida

Yes, Dahvie did go out with Garrett's sister. And that's how Dahvie and Garrett met. Garrett's sister told Garrett about Dahvie and then they all hung out one day and met.

Dahvie Vanity is currently dating Jessica Barnes.

dahvie vanity never got married

Dahvie was dating garretts sister<3

Does dahvie vanity have a brother

Dahvie was dating Jayy's sister.

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