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in 2013

or 2012

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Are they coming out with Freddy vs Jason Part 2?

At the moment there are no plans for a Freddy vs Jason 2.

When did Freddy vs Jason 2 come out?

There is no Freddy vs Jason 2.

When will Jason vs Freddy 2 come out?

At the moment there are no plans for a Freddy vs Jason 2.

Will there be a Freddy vs Jason 2?

There are no plans to make a second Freddy vs Jason movie.

Who wins Freddy vs Jason 2?

Jason won

Will there be Freddy vs Jason 2?

There are no plans for a Freddy vs Jason 2 at the moment, the people who own them are more focused on rebooting both of the franchises.

Was the last Freddie krugar movie Freddie vs Jason?

yes but they're supost to make freddy vs Jason 2 since at the end of freddy vs Jason, Jason comes out the water with freddies and you see freddy wink at the screen.

Will there be a ninth Freddy Krugar movie?

Yes.It is called Freddy Vs Jason 2

When will Freddy vs Jason 2come out?

There are no plans or a Freddy Vs. Jason 2. The first movie did great in theaters but there hasn't been a script in place for the sequel.

When will there be a Freddy vs Jason 2?

There are no plans for Freddy Vs. Jason 2. The original did very well in theaters but no script could be made that the studio found acceptable enough to make into a movie.

Do Freddy Jason and Michael Myers fight in Freddy vs Jason 2?

There are no plans for a Freddy vs Jason 2, at least not right now, if they do make another one Michael probably won't be in it, the same company owns both Freddy and Jason which makes a crossover easy, Michael is owned by a different company and they don't want a crossover.

Is there a Jason vs Freddy 2 coming out?

Prolly after there little squels end for the more updating versions for both of the horror gods, freddy is gonna bring myers into the mix...since freddy is in hell once more, jason is back home at crystal lake killing anything, freddys gonna send myers there and then freddys gonna find his own way there, this will prolly be the last big battle between the killers, I'm going for freddy but I doubt he will win, he had jason beat in the first one...then that chick helped jason out. Freddy vs. Jason. Vs. Myers the nightmare ends on halloween(: good title

Where can Freddy Vs Jason 2 be watched online?

it hasn't been made yet...

What are Good horror movie titles?

Nightmare on elm street 1 Freddy vs. Jason Freddy vs. Jason 2 Halloween jeepers creepers wrong turn Those are some I can think of but there are more believe me

What are the release dates for Longbox of the Damned - 2012 Freddy vs- Jason vs- Ash The Nightmare Warriors 2-31?

Longbox of the Damned - 2012 Freddy vs- Jason vs- Ash The Nightmare Warriors 2-31 was released on: USA: 31 October 2013

Does Freddy vs Jason 2 exist?

Im not sure but i know that there is a new nightmare on elmstreet movie which is a freddy movie hope that helped

Is there ever going to be a Freddy vs Jason 3?

There wasn't even a Freddy vs Jason 2, and with the F13 franchise getting a reboot this year and Nightmare getting remade as well both franchises don't need to do a crossover movie again.

Who would win in a fight between Jason or Freddy kreuger?

Jason. 1. Jason Is Immortal And Is Not A Human But Freddy Kreuger Is A Human. 2. Jason Cut Freddie's Head Off In The Movie Of Freddy Vs Jason 3. Jason Probably Killed More People Than Kreuger And Jason Has A Machette While Freddy Only Has Claws. 4. Jason Is Probably Quicker Than Freddy And Jason Is Silent. 5. Jason Has A More Killing Spree. (Look Above On Reason 3.) 6. Jason Could Probably Cut Off Freddie's Hands With His Machette. 7. Jason Is More Powerful Than Freddy And Can Throw Freddy On The Ground And Than Stab Freddy.

Is there going to be a Freddy vs Jason 2?

I believe that there might be a freddy vs Jason 2 sooner or later. If you don't know why, then you should watch the original freddy vs Jason,(if you've seen it before, fast forward to the end) at the end for a second you might of thought that the battle was over after you saw Jason carrying freddy's head, but if you look closely, (the camera does for you) freddy winks at the camera which sends a signal that Jason hasn't won.........(yet)-but signals us viewers that the battle isn't over. So just like what Lori said, "place your bet!"

Will Wes Craven make another Nightmare on Elm Street or Freddy vs Jason 2?

No, Wes Craven was not involved in the first Freddy Vs Jason and is quite upset by the need for a remake to what he called 'his baby', referring back to the 1st Nightmare On Elm Street.

Will Michael Myers be in Freddy vs Jason part 2?

First off there will not be a FVJ 2, they were going to make one with Ash Williams in it to kill of both Jason and Freddy but instead made it into a comicbook series of 6 issues. and they can't make FVJVM because Michael is owned by Demension, and Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface are owned by New LIne Cinema.

Will it be an Freddy vs Jason 2?

there is possibility that there might so maybe after Nightmare on elm street ends then there might be a second one.

Will there be a epic movie 2?

Yes they make fount of Freddy vs Jason and it rated R So watch it on youtub it will tell you more.

Who would win starscream vs Freddy vs Spider-Man vs hulk vs 2 bears?


Will there be a Freddy vs.Jason 2?

THere is a rumor spreading, but it is all chaotic. The actors from F vs.J 1 say there is another movie, the the creators say otherwize. Not sure if theres any truth to it but Ive been hearing alot about a Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Myres. It sounds good if nothing else.

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