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it is schduled to be released in summer 2009. it is schduled to be released in summer 2009.

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What is the difference between cinema and film?

A cinema is where you you watch the film. And the film, is the... film. ;)

When does goal 3 come out at the cinema?

DVD out on 15 June 2009

When was Cinema Mundi International Film Festival created?

Cinema Mundi International Film Festival was created in 2010.

What does the British expression cinema mean?

The British expression Cinema means Movie Theatre. As an abstract noun, it also means 'film' or 'the film industry', as in 'French cinema'.

What different by film and cinema?

a film you watch on a much smaller screen and a cinema screen is much bigger , louder and better¬!

When did the film home alone 3 first appear in the cinema?

'Home Alone 3' was first released in December 1997.

When was Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema created?

Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema was created in 1995.

What is the message at the start of a film at the cinema after the trailers but before the film?

directed by

What French film director was once a film critic known as the Gravedigger of French Cinema for his brutal reviews in Cahiers du cinema?

Francois Truffaut

What film won the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language film?

Cinema paradiso

What actors and actresses appeared in On Cinema Film Guide - 2013?

The cast of On Cinema Film Guide - 2013 includes: Tim Heidecker Gregg Turkington

Which film is super hit in Bollywood?

there are many super hit film in bollywood.3 idiot is one of them in bollywood movie. this movie is superhit movie in indian cinema.

What are the Advantage of film making on real events?


How old do you have to be to watch a PG film at the cinema?


What are synonyms for film?

movie, picture, flick, cinema

How much is an advert in a cinema before a film?

$ 10

When will the film twilight crossbreed come in the cinema?

this summer

Meaning of cinema?

A film or movie.The film or movie industry.Films or movies considered as a group.I was in the mood for popcorn and a nice movie, so Alice and I went to the cinema.

What is the difference between movie and cinema?

Movie: Can be defined as the film which is running presently in the cinema halls . While booking the tickets on-line if you will click on Movie then you will get the options of booking tickets according to the movie. Cinema: Whereas cinema is the particular multiplex or hall where movie is showing. While booking on-line tickets if you will click on cinema you will get the list of cinema halls and after entering into cinema hall you will get the information about the movies running in that particular cinema hall. Movie=film whereas Cinema=Movie hall/place/theater.

Is The Hobbit a Disney film?

NO! The original film was not Disney, and the recent one is by New Line Cinema

Can i use has with cinema?

A sentence using the word "has" with the word "cinema" is easy enough and can be correct. One such sentence is "Has he gone to the cinema yet?". Another possibility is "We went to the cinema and discovered that he has seen that film already".

What is the newest film out at the cinema?

Ask any one but mee!

What year was Grease the film origianly released in the cinema?


What was the first talking film in the cinema?

The Jazz Singer 1927

When will film new moon in Russia on the cinema will be?

19 November

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