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Q: When is Skeleton Creek book 2 coming out?
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What are the Skeleton Creek passwords for book 2?

skeleton creek passwords for book 2

Has Skeleton Creek book 2 come out?

No Skeleton Creek 2 has not come out yet. It comes out in October 2009!!! YAY I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! The book is going to be called The Ghost In The Machine.

When will Skeleton Creek book 2 come out?

It came out in October 2009

When is Skeleton Creek 2 coming out?

It said in the end of the first book fall 2009. Hope this helps!!!CHEESE!!!!

What are Sarah finchers books?

Well, there are 2 books that I know of in the series of ? number if books... The first book is SKELETON CREEK and the second book is called GHOST IN THE MACHINE. The skeleton creek one is by Patrick Carman and I believe the other is too.

What are the Skeleton Creek 3 passwords?

1.mrsveal 2.faceinthemirror 3.theladyinwhite 4.slam 5.hallofmirrors 6.rainsford 7.magic8ball 8.mistersmithers Skeleton Creek: book 3 the crossbones

Is there a book 2 of skeleton creek?

Yes. Theirs also a third and a fourth apparently never seen the fourth though.

What are the passwords for Skeleton Creek 2?

1.jacktorrance2.castleofotranto3.carlkolchak4.theancientmariner5.imatschoolGet the rest on Itunes store search for skeleton creek 2 and suscribe its free and it shows all the passwords.

What is the order of the Skeleton Creek series?

1. Skeleton Creek, 2. Ghost In The Machine, 3. The Crossbones, 4. The Raven (thats the order of the books)

How many books are there to skeleton creek?

well there 4 books in the series 1. skeleton creek 2. the ghost in the machine 3. crossbones 4. is the raven

Is there a skeleton creek 2?

Yep, Ghost in the Machine

Skeleton Creek 2 ghost in the machine passwords?

one is jacktorrance

Password from the Skeleton Creek book 2?

the passwords for book 3 areleonardshelby, jacktorrance, castleofotranto, carlkolchak, imatschool, maryshelley, theancientmariner, georgelutz, fatheraristeus, newyorkgoldandsilver BUT they all have to be in caps or it wont work guys

What are the passwords for the Skeleton Creek book?

WARNING! some of the videos are pretty scary... but here are the passwords for all the skeleton creek videos NOT passwords for Ghost In The Machine (the second book for skeleton creek) 1. houseofusher 2. theraven 3. pitandpendulum 4. amontillado 5. drjekyllandmrhyde 6. luckywesternra 7. peterquint 8. miltonarbogast 9. tanginabarrons again: BEWARE OF THE VIDEOS!!! to watch the videos, go to NOT or Sarah (my mistake... took me forever to get to the real website...) enjoy! (and don't get to freaked out...)

Skeleton creek 2 passwords?

the new book called ghost in the machine is not out until October so if you find them before then you are lucky Also books 2 and 3 are now out not sure about book4 but I know it is called the raven

What are the Skeleton Creek 2 passwords?

These ARE in order. BRINGMEUPTOSPEED, RESTINPEACE Thats all i know

Where can you read Skeleton Creek 2 online for free?

I don't know but I do know the muffin man...are you looking for him?

When is hero's of Olympus book 2 coming out?

The book #2 is coming out Fall 2011.

How does Skeleton Creek end?

In book one it ends when Ryan and Sarah get trapped in this secret room and Old Joe Bush closes the door and Sarah's Camera runs out of battery, but in book 2 the first video( password :LEONARDSHELBY) Ryan and Sarah end up leaving the dredge.

Passwords for Skeleton Creek?

1. Houseofusher 2.Theraven they are really scary in the end

What are the passwords to the crossbones book 3 to Skeleton Creek?

1. mrsleve2. father stand

Skeleton Creek book 3 passwords?

1. Mrsveal 2.faceinthemirror 3.theladyinwhite 4.slam 5.hallofmirrors 6.rainsford 7.magic8ball 8.mistersmiters

When is book of legends coming out 2?

I don't know exactly but I have heard that maybe the book 2 is coming on 2013 may 23 something :) but on 2013

When is the sisters 8 book 7 coming out?

Rebecca's Rashness, book 7, is coming out on May 2, 2011.

What was black beards Flag?

Black Beards Flag was a Skeleton stabbing a heart with an arrow and the heart had 3 drops of blood coming out of it the skeleton also had a goblet and 2 horns on his head.