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When was smallville 6 be out?

season 6 is already on sale there actually airing either season 7 or 8 right now.

When does Smallville season 7 come out on DVD?

Season seven of Smallville will start on September 27, 2007 airing on CW networks at 8pm EST. SOURCE:;dropdown;6

Smallville season seven air date for UK?

The official statement from E4 (as of April 08) is "at present we have not confirmed scheduling plans for season 7 of SMALLVILLE."... so not much help... WB is said to have the UK DVD release of season 7 slated for September though, so that would put it as probably airing later Summer/early Autumn 08.

When does Smallville season 7 come out in the UK?

Season 7 starts on Tuesday 27th May on E4

When is the release date of 'Smallville' Season 9 on DVD?

The US DVD was released on September 7, 2010 Smallville season 9 will be available on DVD mid-October in the UK.

When does Smallville season 7 start on sky television in the UK?

Apperentley in March xx

What is the release date for Smallville season 7 in the UK?

Check this site out... It will help you find your answer =);dropdown;6

Is lana lang in season 7 Smallville?

Yes, Lana Lang is in Season 7 of Smallville.

When will Smallville season 7 start on channel e4 in the UK?

As of March 2008, there is STILL no confirmation of when E4 will be airing Season 7... Best guess would be sometime between now and summer 08, but seen as E4 seem to have no regard for the Smallville franchise (they are currently running Big Brother USA instead of Smallville!), who knows when we'll see it... Season 8 has just been commissioned in the US, so we'll be 2 season behind before too long...

Smallville season 7 release date?

Smallville season 7 started on September 27, 2007.

When does Smallville season 7 come out on DVD in Australia?

smallville season 7 comes out on DVD on the 3rd of march 2009

Does lana lang die in Smallville season 7?

no. She leaves Smallville for good.

In Smallville season 7 is Cloe dead?

no but in season 10 she is

When is Smallville eight coming out?

Right now it is airing on TV at 8/7 central on Thursday.

When does Smallville season 7 come to the UK?

Due to the writer's strike according to the channel 4 website Smallville is due to air in the UK in the Summer 2008.

When does series 7 of Law and Order UK start .?

Law and Order UK starts airing season 7 episodes on July 14, 2013. The first episode is called 'Tracks'. There have been a total of eight episodes made for season 7.

Is Smallville season 7 out yet?

Not yet

Smallville season 7 do lana die?


Smallville season 8 UK air date?

Due to the new broadcasting laws between the US and UK. The UK can now broadcast American shows 2 days after it has been viewed in the US. The reason for this is stop illegal downloading. The UK used to be able to only watch US shows about 6 months after. This means that Smallville Season 8 can be shown on E4 straight after season 7 has finished so that it will only be a few days behind the US. Season 8 WILL be the FINAL season of smallville. NOVEMBER ON E4

When will Smallville season 7 be on DVD?

Season 7 of Smallville should already be out on DVD but it might be hard to find. The season 7 DVD set might only be in the seasons 1-7 or seasons 1-8 pack.

Does lana lang die in season 7 of Smallville?


When does the next season for Smallville come out?

September 7

Is Season 9 of 'Smallville' out on DVD already?

It was released on September 7, 2010.

When will season 7 start on rte in Ireland?

Smallville already is on Season 10.

When does Smallville season 7 release on DVD?

The 7th season of Smallville will usually be released the summer after the season ends,right now we are in the middle of the seventh season. Smallville - The Complete 7th Season will be coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on September 9th, 2008.

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