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there is no Taylor Swift day :(

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 09:29:09
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Q: When is Taylor Swift day?
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What movies is Taylor Swift in?

Taylor Swift is in Valentines Day.

When was the best day by Taylor Swift written?

when taylor swift was 16

How did Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift meet?

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift met on the set of Valentine's Day.

Did Taylor Swift do a move?

Taylor Swift did play in a move she played in valentines day

What moves have Taylor Swift been in?

Taylor swift has been in the movie valentine's day

What movie is Taylor Swift in right now?

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are both in Valentine's Day (Which comes out on Valentine's day)

What movie did Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift has starred in The Giver, The Lorax, Valentine's Day, and Taylor Swift: Speak Now World Tour Live.

Who does Taylor Lautner like?

Taylor Lautner went out with Taylor Swift on Febuary in Valentine's Day. But Taylor Lautner broke up with Taylor Swift.

Is talor swift going to be in a movie?

Taylor swift is in the movie " valentines day" with Taylor lautner.

In which film did Taylor Swift and Taylor Launtner earlier this year?

Valentine's Day is the movie in which Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are working together.

Who did Taylor Swift right mine about?

Taylor swift wrote her single"mine" about her costar on valintines day, Taylor lautner

What day of the week was Taylor Swift born on?

Taylor Swift was born on Wednesday December 13, 1989.

What is Taylor Swift's nickname and why?

Swifty is Taylor Swift's nickname because on the set of Valentines day the director was getting confused between Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift so she was nicknamed Swifty.

Taylor Swift's favorite season?

Summer is Taylor Swift's favourite season and Valentine's Day is her favourite day and white is her favourite colour.

When is the movies valentines day come out with Taylor swift and Taylor lautner?

valkentines day

What Taylor swift music video is Taylor Lautner in?

Taylor Lautner was in the the movie Valentine's day with Taylor Swift, I don't think he was in a music video with her though.

Why is Taylor Lautner with Taylor Swift?

because they dated on valentines day

In what movie act Taylor Lautner and Taylor swift?

valentine's day

In what film are Taylor swift and Taylor Lautner playing?

valentine's day

Where did Taylor swift meet Taylor Lautner?

on the set of valentines day

What new movie is Taylor Swift in?

Valentines Day with Taylor Lautner

What day was Taylor born?

Taylor Swift was born on December 13,1989.

Does Taylor Swift like Taylor laughter?

well..... when Taylor and Taylor were making the movie Valentine's Day, they were together. Taylor lautner admitted that Taylor swift was hot, but now Taylor swift has her eyes on someone else.

Who is the best day by Taylor Swift about?

Its about her mom. Taylor wrote this song as a present for mother's day

What role did Taylor Swift play in Valentine's Day?

Taylor Swift plays as Taylor Lautners love interest, Felicia. Taylor Lautner plays Tyler Harrington.

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