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Valentines day is on February the 14th and is celebrated because a saint, named saint Valentine was in jail and while he was there he fell in love with the jailers daughter who was blind & on the day that he was suppose to be hanged, February the 14th, he sent one last love letter to the jailers daughter signed from your Valentines and that is why people write your valentines at the end of there cards and why its celebrated.

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Valentines day is celebrated on Feb. 5th

Valentine's Day is celebrated February 14.

Valentines day is celebrated on February 14 every year

Valentines Day started around 498 AD. it was celebrated in Rome.

Valentines Day is celebrated on the 14 of February because that is when St.Valentines was born

Valentines day is celebrated in Ecuador the same way its celebrated in the U.S. Gifts, Roses, etc

feb. 14 valentines day

valentines day has been celebrated for like hundreds of years ago

Valentines day is a celebration of love between anyone. Valentines day is celebrated by lesbians at the same time as everyone else.

Valentines Day started around 498 AD. it was celebrated in Rome.

valentines dayChinese new year

Valentine's day can be celebrated all around the globe. Where exactly? Many of places. valentines day was first celebrated in 270A.D. The day st. valentine died.

Saint Valentine's Day is always celebrated on February 14 each year.

It is celebreated as Valentine day after saint Valentine.

Because that was the month that St. Valentine was born in.

The first thanksgiving was celebrated with a feast honoring the saints the died. the saints were valentines.

yes. and its still a very special day up here in Canada

Of course Valentines Day is a day of love, so find a girl or a boy and go out.

Valentines day started around 498 A.D. It was celebrated In Rome

well anyone can celebrate valentines day but it was first celebrated in 498 A.D. by the Romans

It is because st valentine died on february 14th

I would guess that she celebrated Christmas, New Year's Day and the Fourth of July. I know she did not celebrate Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day. She may have celebrated Valentines Day.

there is no school on valentines day

Some holidays that are traditionally celebrated with chocolate and flowers are Valentines day, Easter and Christmas. Mother's day is also another holiday typically celebrated with flowers.

the year 269 A.D they celebrated in Rome,Italy