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When is Vanessas birthday?

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when is vanessas birthday?

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What is Vanessas number?

ghida this is vanessas number 6391778

Is Stella hudgens really vanessas sister?

yepp yepp(: she is vanessas sister

Is Stella vanessas sister?


What are Vanessas emails?

Where does vanessas mother work?

in a hospital

What are vanessas dogs called?


What is Vanessas favorite color?

Pink the color of her!

Who was vanessas last boyfriend?

Zac Efron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is vanessas baby a boy or a girl?

she has not had a baby

What is Vanessas Hudgens hometown?

Salinas, California

Is Talor Swift Vanessas older sister?

No she is not

What is vanessas hudgens MySpace?

Who is Vanessas dream boy?

zac efron

Who is Vanessas datghter?

She hasn't got a daughter....:)

Whats Vanessas favorite food?

ice cream

Where was vanessas mom born?

here at Philippines Zamboanga

What is vanessas kids names?

She doesnt have any kids.

What is Vanessas hotmail?

i dnt knw but i think its this.YA YO

What is vanessas baby called?

Vanessa who? You need to be clearer in questions.

Who is vanessas sister?

stella, but their is a rumour they have another sister named lara

What is vanessas anne hudgens phone number?

WikiAnswers does not reveal personal information.

Is Georgia reed vanessas biggest fan?

no shes her fattest fan Eva

Who plays the voice of vanessas moms voice on Phineas and Ferb?

Allison Janney.

How old is vanessas baby?

If it's Vanessa Hudgens' baby,Vanessa hasn't got any babies...

What is Vanessa Hudgens favorite thing to splurge on?

SHOES!!Vanessas favourite thing to slurge on is flowers. She loves them!