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A charge off will stay on your credit report for 7 years unless removed by the original creditor or the credit bureaus. You can dispute a charge off with the credit bureaus and they must verify it with the original creditor with in 30 days or it must be removed from your credit report.

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What is a Charge-off in a credit report?

A charged off account is similar to a collection on your credit report. The creditor has written off the debt owed and closed the account. The debt is still valid though and can be collected on. The charge off will lower your credit score unless removed. You can dispute a charge off and this give the credit bureaus 30 days to verify the charge off or it must be removed from your credit report.

How do you get a paid charge off removed from your credit report?

Getting A Charge-off RemovedLook at the date of last activity, check the statue of limitation for your state, and if it's older then the statue of limitation dispute it. If not you will have to ride it out until it reaches the Statue of Limitation.

You owe Americredit for a car you returned can they charge some of that debt off?

They can charge off all of that debt, but it in no way remediates your repsonsibility to pay. All "charging off" a debt means is that it has been removed from the lender's active books. Charge off does not forgive the debt, only bankruptcy can do that.

If you recently paid off a charge-off with Macy's and they reinstated your account will the old information be removed and start fresh with reporting?

you will have to get macy's to remove the charge-off from your report or change it to a good standing remark. because they will show a new account opened on you report along with the charge-off. if they agree to change it get it in writing and report it to the bureaus when they report it. the lender only can remove the charge-off

How can you get a DUI off your record in Indiana?

You can move to have your record expunged. It's not easy to have it removed when the charge and conviction were legitimate.

Can a charge off be removed due to paying off the debt in full?

A charge off CAN be removed in exchange for payment in full, if the creditor choses to do so. Their only obligation is report the correct nature of the account, which would be a "paid charge off". However, it is a good idea and practice to negotiate for removal of the tradeline. Credit reporting is a voluntary activity. There are no laws or regulations which require any business to participate. If a creditor does report, they are required by law to do so accurately.

How long will a charge off take to come off credit reports?

A charge off should be removed from the credit report when the required seven years has expired. Credit bureaus are sometimes lax in their reporting, therefore the consumer should keep track of entries and if necessary contact the CRA, present the needed documentation and request any invalid information be removed.

What if a charge off still shows on credit history after seven years?

you contact the 3 equifax and submit the findings to be removed

How can you get a felony charge off your record?

Every state has an expungement statute and if you qualifyyou may have one offense removed from your record.

How long until a charge off is removed from your credit report and is it counted from the last activity?

It will not be removed for seven years from the date of the original delinquincy leading up to the Charge Off. If you need any more explanation, feel free to e-mail me or scroll up in the chain - this question was answered in an earlier question.

Can someone with a 15 year old felony marijuana charge get it taken off there record?

Whether or not a felony charge can be removed from the record of a minor is up to a judge. Most judges can close records, but the charge will remain.

Can you have a misdemeanor worthless check charge removed from your criminal history report if you were found guilty?

You may be able to have the charge removed or sealed if enough time has passed or you can have the charge changed to a lesser charge.

How many years does it take for a charge-off to be removed from your credit file in California?

generally 7 yrs. You may get it removed sooner if you try disputing it w/ the credit bureau.

How do charge offs affect your credit?

Charge offs will drastically lower your credit score, just like any negative item similar to collections, judgments, and liens. They will stay on your credit report for 7 years unless removed. The more money owed and the more recent the charge off the more it will lower your credit score. You can remove charge offs by disputing them to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus have 30 days to verify the charge off or it must be removed from your credit report.

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If you had an account become delinquent in 1998 but the charge off appeared on your credit report in 2005 can this be removed?

Dispute it with the reporting agencies. They are Equifax; Transunion and Experian.

How to fix auto loan charge off?

What do you mean by "fix" it? Do you want this taken off of your credit report? Was the loan legitimately charged off? Do you still owe a balance on the loan? If you have a legitimate charge off reported on your credit report, it cannot be legally removed. If you owe a balance and the charge off is recent, paying off the balance could help. However, the charge off will still show on your credit report for 7 years, and only time will remove it. Still, if you keep your credit in good shape otherwise, the charge off will hurt you less and less as time goes by. Read more about your credit report and score in the link below.

How do you remove charged off from your report?

Only the original creditor or the credit bureaus can remove a charge off from a credit report. You can negotiate to have them removed with the original creditor if they will let you. You can also dispute it to the credit bureaus and they will have 30 days to verify the listing or it must be removed from your credit report.

Can you get accounts that were transferred to another office or lender removed from your credit report?

If they are not a reposession or charge off you can negotiate to pay them and have them removed. However, you must get proof in writing from them first before paying even 1 single penny.