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When to Dig up Outside Plants
  • I think outside roses should be dig once in a week by which nitrogen can enter the plant.
  • I'm not sure about the peonies. I've never heard of anybody digging them up. The roses should be cut back and then you buy covers for them from most hardware stores or garden centers. Also you can dig a trench down along the roots and then out away from the plant. Then bend the plant down and bury it. Make sure you dig deep enough beside roots so you don't break them. Then cover with dirt and mulch. I've done this and it works. When it warms up in spring just uncover and stand back up and pack dirt back around the roots.
  • Its always best to dig them up in the spring of the year before they start growing, I have done it a million times. You can divide the peonies into 2, and that way you will have more plants.
  • Most perennials (plants that come back each year) can be moved safely while they are dormant, which is during winter and very early spring before they grow their new leaves and flowers. Peonies, specifically, do not like to be disturbed. If you divide or move them, they will sulk for a few years (no kidding).
  • You can dig up roses when they are dormant (have no leaves). Cut them back and replant them with fresh compost. Water them in well. There is always a risk when transplanting. If plants are very old they won't transplant very well.
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Q: When is a good time to dig up outdoor plants like peonies and roses?
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