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When is a new show featuring the X-Men comic coming out?

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spring 08

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When is a new show featuring the x men comic coming out?

A new live-action show about the X-men is in the works between 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment at the moment.

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Truck U is coming to GAC (Great American Country) on August 24, 2013. Truck U is a television show featuring experts like Jesse Combs, Rock Crawler, etc.

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in the Comic they sot-of happen but in the show no

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make a rouf draft of it so that way you can make the comic or make it into an animated cartoon show

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Vampire knight season 3 is supposedly coming out now in 2010. The comic is still in progress so it might take a while for season 3 to come in a show.Its coming out in September 2011 guys.. Only a few more months to go!

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Sonic Universe is not a show, it is a comic series and it is already out.

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From the comic strip, Annie.

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well yea. Naruto is both a tv show and a comic book.