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When the person stops phoning, emailing or dating you. If you see them with someone else or they are out with friends all the time and you aren't included. If they ignore you. I know it's painful, but most of us have had to suffer from the sting of lost love at sometime in our lives. People get over it and we move on and out there is someone very special for you. Be patient and meanwhile start going out with friends and date again. Good luck Marcy

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Q: When is a relationship over?
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When do you know you're over a relationship?

A relationship is over when......You know a relationship is over when you'ld rather have a root canal than a date

What is a cyclic relationship in science?

It is a relationship that follows the same trend over and over again. It is repetitive.

How do you get over a long distance relationship?

have a short distance relationship

How can you tell a relationship is over?

== ==

How long to take a break in relationship?

IF that is to happen then the relationship is actually over.

What does it mean an ex girlfriend says its over for sure but still talks about the relationship when you call her?

Why are you still calling her if the relationship is over?

When couples have problems is the relationship over?

no not if its real then it wont be over

What is an example of a proportional relationship?

they are equivalent

How long on average to get over a relationship after a break up?

If there is an average, I don't know of one. I really think it is up to the individual when to they are ready to get over the relationship. Some people never get over a relationship. Others are over it very quickly. Give your self plenty and time and patience. You will know deep down when you are done with the relationship

How do you get over with a WRONG relationship?

move on

Why do you cry over a guy even if you are over him?

You're not necessarily crying over him but the absence of a relationship in your life. You might yearn for the comfort of a relationship and knowing that there is someone who is always there for you.

Signs a relationship is over?

If youre asking the question its probably over.

What does it means when your boyfriend says the honeymoon is over?

It means your relationship with him is over.

What to do when your girlfriend does not believe you over your friend?

Dump her, if there's no trust in a relationship, there shouldn't be a relationship.

Why a guy will not answer when you ask is the relationship over?

If a guy won't answer you when you ask if the relationship is over, it's most likely over, and he probably doesn't know how exactly to say that. if it wasn't, he wouldve given you an answer.

How do you get over someone when you are in a relationship already?

I think you should be asking the question "should you be in a relationship with someone new if you aren't over someone old?" The answer to this one is "no".

How many celebrity relationship questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 9,000 celebrity relationship FAQ on WikiAnswers.

What are domain relationships?

a relationship one of the people in the relationship is dominant over the other in most areas.

How do I get over an alcoholic relationship?

Try finding a non-alcoholic with whom to have a new and better relationship.

What does this song It's Over by Jesse Mccartney means?

a relationship that's over

What does it mean when a guy says the honeymoon period is over?

It means your relationship with him is over.

How do you know when a relationship should be over?

A relationship is usually over when you get in a fight or it just doesn't feel right. If someone is cheating on you, that person will have a choice between you and the other.

How can you get over a relationship?

You can get over a relationship it takes time. Try and keep yourself busy and surround yourself with friends and family. In time your broken heart will heal.

How do you keep a relationship over the summer?

Why in the world would you try? If you are friends, your relationship will survive the summer. If you are not, it won't.

What is the subject in the sentence 'Our relationship with food changes over time'?

The subject is the "relationship" that is being had with food.