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Usually 24 - 48 hours. Marcy Another factor that is the actual age of the minor, most states including Washington cannot delay an absentee minor report but must, by law begin the search process as soon as the information has been validated. The reason for the difference in reportage of an adult and a minor is due to the AMBER ALERT law and similar statutes that every state has established pertaining to underaged missing persons.

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Q: When is a runaway minor considered missing in Washington?
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In Michigan how long does a minor have to be missing from home before they are considered a runaway?

Due to AMBER laws there is no 'waiting time' limit before a minor can be designated a runaway or missing person.

Runaway or absentee minor report?

A runaway or absentee minor report is what a person files if a minor in their custody has run away or is missing. There are various reasons parents do not file a report a runaway that include not wanting to involve police involvement, they know where the minor is, or they do not think police involvement is needed.

What age is considered a runaway in Mississippi?

Anyone under the age of 18 is a runaway. They are a minor and not an adult.

What age is considered a runaway in Indiana?

As long as you are a minor, under 18.

What is considered a runaway?

A minor person who has left the care of their parents without permission and is considered incapable of living on their own, is considered to be a runaway. The laws on child runaways varies with each state.

Is your 16yr old daughter still considered a runaway if she is with her noncustodial parent?

Yes, a minor does not have the right to choose where to live and the person letting her live with him is harboring a runaway.

Can a 16 yr old girl in Washington be concidered a runaway and her friends would be harboring a runaway?

Very much yes. At 16 she is a minor and still the responsibility of her parents. Anyone who helps her is also in trouble for helping a runaway.

Is there a law that states whether or not a 17-year-old can move out of their parents home and into another stable home if they choose to or would they still be considered a runaway in Washington st?

A 17-year-old is a minor and therefore does not get to choose where they live. Ever heard of the Becca Law? It was passed in WA after a teenage runaway was murdered. It basically gave parents more 'power' in dealing with runaway/disobedient/truant children. You would be considered a runaway and you would be returned home.

Is throwing an object by a minor at another minor and hitting them considered assault?

No. Throwing an object an hitting another person is battery. Throwing it and missing them would be considered assault.

How long should you wait before reporting a runaway minor child in new york state?

There is no time frame. They are a minor and can be reported immediately upon noting that they are missing. Sooner is better when it comes to finding them.

Can a 14 year old move out of her parents' home without being considered a runaway?

No she can not. As long as you are a minor you will need their consent.

What is the age when you can't be considered a 'runaway' anymore in AR?

When you are an adult. Until then you are a minor and subject to parental supervision. You would have to be 18.

If a 17-year-old leaves his house without parental consent can he be considered a runaway in Minnesota?

If the parents do not know if his whereabouts they can file a missing persons report which could be classified as a juvenile runaway. If the parents are aware of the location of the minor, the person would be classified as an absentee minor and the parents can request the assistance of authorities to have their child returned to their custody. The action that police or other authorities take depends upon the assessment of the case and its individual circumstances. For example, a minor whose whereabouts are known is believed to be in an unsafe environment

If you turn 18 years old as a runaway in Georgia and you are forced to return to your parents in Alabama are you a minor again?

Once you are 18 years old, you are considered an adult. You will not revert to a minor in status.

Can you runaway at seventeen and not be filed as a runaway?

yes you can be because you are not 18 and 17 is still consider as a minor

Can the Police track down a runaway if the runaway goes to a clinic or the doctors and use there real name and ss info?

Is the "runaway" a minor? If so, medical personnel will not treat a minor without a parent/guardian knowledge or permission.

How long do you have to wait till you can report a 17 year old runaway?

Well, the laws of "runaways" are a little hazy to some. If the individual is seventeen years of age he/she is not considered a runaway, they are considered missing. Any individual under the age of seventeen could be repoted as a runaway as soon as the act occurs. But it is not a crime to be missing, you would only be able to call the local police department to report the individual missing, but no legal consequences will surface from this because the courts veiw a seventeen year old as legal in legal matters. You shouldn't have to wait at all. Until the minor reaches the age of 18, they are considered to be under their parent's care. Some states have different laws about how 17 year olds are treated, and the police have different policies about what happens if they find a 17 year old.

At what age is a minor considered a runaway in South Carolina?

Anyone who is under the age of 18 who leaves home without parental consent or permission from the court.

If you are considered a missing person and not a runaway at age 17 in Texas if your parents don't know where you are could the person you move in with be prosecuted in any way?

If you are reported as a "missing person" and people are assisting you, knowing that your parents do not know where you're at, they can be criminally prosecuted on a number of charges. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor is one, interfering with authorities (if a report has been filed with the police), obstruction of justice, and so on and so on.

Can you move out of your parents house at 16 in the state of Georgia?

No. You are a minor until the age of 18. If you leave at 16 without parents permission you can be legally considered a runaway.

You are a minor can you still go to jail for holding a runaway?


What if you are16yrs and you runaway within a month of it being your birthday with you boyfriend that has been living with you and he is 19?

Even at 17, you would still be considered a minor. If you are with a 19 year old, (not a minor) he could be arrested and convicted of kidnapping a minor, and a slew of other allogations could come up.

What are the harboring a minor runaway laws in Canada?

In Canada, harboring a minor runaway is a gross misdemeanor. While the penalty can vary, someone convicted of this crime could spend up to one year in jail.

Can a17 year old runaway in Michigan?

No, you are a minor. You can move out when you are 18.

What is the legal age in Louisiana of a runaway teen?

You have to be over the age of 18 years old and legally classed as an adult, this means that if the police find you, you can request that law enforcement do not disclose your whereabouts, that is your legal right as an adult, it is not illegal to go missing as a child but if you are found the police will contact your parent or guardian, they have to by law as you are considered a minor