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  • About 14 days after her period...give or take 3 days

  • Not every women has a 28 day cycle and not every women will ovulate on cycle day 14.
  • I want to say the answer is not accurate. Your cycle starts on the first day of bleeding, call that cycle day 1.......then you count about 14 days after that. But keep in mind that is only the AVERAGE day of ovulation.
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Q: When is a woman ovulating?
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Can a woman still be ovulating after a miscarriage?


What is the colour of a woman mucus when she is ovulating?


Is a woman ovulating cold or warm?


Does every woman get discharge when ovulating?

I get clear strechy discharge and quite alot of it and pressure pain when ovulating

Can a woman get pregnant after 3 months of pregnancy already?

If a woman is 3 mos pregnant no she will not be ovulating, if the pregnancy was terminated or miscarried yes she would be ovulating again.

How does a woman know that she is ovulating?

There are many ways on how a woman would know that she is ovulating. First, she can calculate her basal body temperature, if she had an increase of 1 degree in her body temperature, this is a sign that she is ovulating on that day. Second, check the cervical mucus if it has a consistency similar of a raw egg white. It should be slippery and clear, when a woman is ovulating. Third, if a woman is having a regular period, she can check an ovulation calculator so she would know when is her most fertile days. Fourth, buy an ovulation kit. This is one of the most accurate ways to determine if a woman is ovulating.

Can a women who is no longer of ovulating age become pregnant?

No. If you're not ovulating you can't get pregnant. But 'not of ovulating age' doesn't mean anything. One 50 year old woman might not be ovulating anymore, but another might be

What does it mean when a woman is ovulating?

When a woman is ovulating it means that her ovarian tubes are preparing to send the egg down to her uterus to be fertilized by a sperm cell. However, if this doesnt happen, we have our periods to flush it out.

I have the clear egg white discharge with a very thin amount of blood streak am i ovulating?

Yes. You are ovulating, my dear. Enjoy the life as a woman. (:

Will you ovulate after pregnancy?

Yes, you will begin ovulating again after you give birth, but the time that it takes varies from woman to woman. Some women begin ovulating a month after pregnancy, others don't for 6 months.

When is a woman usually ovulating?

a woman ovulate 14/15 days after her period or 14 days before her period

When you get pregnency?

When you have sexual intercourse or insert semen by other means, when the woman is ovulating.

When is a woman less fertile in the month?

A woman is less fertile when she is not ovulating, which depends on her menstrual cycle, which varies from person to person.

What does non ovulating mean?

Ovulation is the period of time a woman is fertile. This is nomally in the middle of a womans cycle lasting 3-7 days. Ive never heard of the term "non-ovulating", but i would have to say it is the days that she isn't ovulating/fertile. Or maybe it refferrs to after menopause, when a woman no longer ovulates, making her infertile.

Can a woman get pregnant 1 day before is starts ovulating?

Yes, most certainly!

What are the percent of woman falling pregnant at 56?

...i do believe that if you are ovulating, there is a chance of becoming pregnant...

Does ovulating means a woman is having her period?

No, the two are distinct (albeit related) concepts.

If a woman has odd food cravings can she be she pregnant?

She could be. But she could just be ovulating or near her period

Can a women have their menstrual cycle without ovulating?

No, women cannot have their menstrual cycle without ovulating. The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle where a woman ovulates and failing pregnancy the uterus lining sheds. If a woman isn't ovulating then there's no possible way for her to menstruate - although she may still experience vaginal bleeding for other reasons such as hormonal imbalance or withdrawal bleeds.

How long do the male sperm live on the day that the woman is ovulating?

Sperms can live inside a woman for up to a week so it's longer then that day.

When woman is not ovulating naturally and with medicine she can chances of getting pregnancy?

She might be. Refer to a doctor for proper orientation.

When do woman want sex?

before their period, when they're ovulating Whenever we are horny, but it has to be good orgasmic sex.

How important is it for a female to get excited while intercourse for conception?

It is not important at all. All it needs is for the woman to be ovulating.

How can a man tell if a woman is ovulating?

by her change in her attitude the way she acts be real and go to a docter if speculation

Could a woman be pregnant if she has a watery discharge coming from the vagina and she hasn't had a period?

I would say the discharge is from ovulating. A clear discharge is common when a woman ovulates.