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When is anti pollution day observed?


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3 December observed the anti pollution day


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National Pollution Prevention Day is observed on 2 nd December, 2004 .

21st day of may, the day hon'ble ex-prime minister Sh. rajive gandhi was assessinated.

Earth day is celebrated every year to raise awareness of environmental protection. Earth day is on April 22 every year.

Veteran's Day is NOT observed on the same day of the week, but it is ALWAYS observed on the 11th of November.

the moral of the lorax is anti pollution and anti greed

ANZAC Day is always observed on April 25th.

when was veteran's day first observed?

it is observed on the day of 18 april

Forget pollution and use our sollution Earth you have to love it or leave it!

International Literacy Day is observed on September the 8th .

The next World No Tobacco Day will be held on May 31, 2015. It is observed every year on May 31st and has been since 1987.

In my case it is faulty EGR valve. It could be pollution filter as well.

In our day to day life we observing many problems such as vehicular pollution. vehicular pollution means pollution caused by the vehicles

Software Freedom Day is observed on the third Saturday of September.

IT is observed on November 11th

=By Making anti pollution regulations more powerful than==political expedience.=

Veterans Day is observed as Remembrance Day in many parts of Europe. It is also known as Poppy Day or Armistice Day.

In the U.S. and Canada, Labor Day is observed on the first day of September. In most other countries, Labour Day is on May 1.

Labor Day is observed in all 50 states on the first Monday in September.

CARICOM Day is observed in some CARICOM Member States on the first monday in July

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The day on which National Doctor's Day is observed in the United States, by those who pay attention to such things, in 30 March.

World Music Day is a festival held on 21st June. Also, No Music Day is observed on 21st November.

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