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When is chris Jericho coming back?

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Chris Jericho did not come back to the WWE before Wrestle Mania 27, researching when though, I had to improve that LIE of an answer....

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Will Chris Jericho come back to the WWE?

== == Chris Jericho is coming back on 11/19/07 on a edition of Raw.

Is chris Jericho coming back to WWE?

sorry but no

Is chris Jericho coming back in January 2nd 2012?

yes he is because i did some research and i saw a video they might show on raw about Chris coming back.

When will chris jericho comeback?

what happen to chris jericho and will he be back soon

What other wrestlers are coming to TNA?

Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho Chris Jericho is not going to TNA

Is the tv show Jericho coming back?

Yeah Jericho is coming Back i think its coming in June.

When will chris Jericho come to the WWE?

Chris Jericho will come back at Extreme Rules, after Wrestlemania 30.

When is chris Jericho going toreturn to WWE?

Chris Jericho has already came back; he returned on January 9th, 2012.

Are Chris Jericho and Triple H coming back?

Triple H should be back soon, I read rummors of him returning when RAW moves to USA network. Jericho isn't on the roster list anymore and won't be back anytime soon, if ever. I believe he's working with Fozzy, and just doesn't have enough time to commit to both WWE and Fozzy. Good luck to him on his musicial career. Don't hold your breath on seeing Jericho, but Triple H will return. Jericho is coming back. Hes just on vacation. Wrestlers do that occasionally. hhh will be back oct. 3rd and jerico will prob be back within a year or so. Triple H is already back. When Chris Jericho got FIRED it was a storyline and Chris Jericho is laying out of WWE for a while.

Will chris Jericho come back to WWE?


How do you create chris Jericho 2nd coming for svr07?

Try Going to

Who is better Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels?

Chris JerichoChris Jerichoof course Shawn Michaels.

Does Chris Jericho have a MySpace?

No Chris Jericho does not have a myspace.

When will chris Jericho return?

He will be back when his band's tour is over

Will Chris Jericho return in 2011?

He might be back by the end of 2010. If not then he will be back in 2011.

The best chris Jericho caw?

chris Jericho is a dumb idiot

Is Zack ryder better than chris Jericho?

no chris jericho

Who is smarter chris Jericho or jack swagger?

Chris Jericho I guess.

Who is better Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho?

Benoit has amazing ring skills and so does Jericho but Jericho has great mic skills to but with Benoit;s tragedy I have to say Chris Jericho.

When was Chris Jericho born?

Chris Jericho was born on November 9, 1970.

Who is stronger between Chris Jericho and Chris Jericho?

I think Y2J is stronger

Will Chris Jericho come back to the WWE 2010?

Might if not start of 2011.

How tall is chris Jericho in real life?

chris Jericho is about 5ft9 in real life

Who won the rock or chris Jericho?

the rock would beat the crap out of chris jericho

When will chris jericho retrun?

Chris Jericho is on dancing with the stars so he might not be returning.