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Denotation is the exact definition of the word. Denotations are strict definitions and have no emotions attached to them either good or bad.

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Sentence for denotation?

Denotation is a word that is used to describe indication of a process through reference to a word or a symbol. A sentence with the word denotation would be, "Besides there varied denotations, the artists found a point of agreement."

What term is used for the implied meaning of a word?

connotation denotation.

What part of speech is denotation?

Denotation is a noun.

A sentence using denotation?

Denotation has several meanings. One of these is the act of denoting. Thus, "The denotation for the vertices of a polygon is usually a set of upper case (capital) letters while lower case letter are used to denote sides."

What is the denotation of Hawaii?

Denotation is a dictionary definition, so a denotation of Hawaii could be "a group of islands in the pacific"

What is a sentence for denotation?

A sentence for denotation is: The denotation of the the word myraid is a very great number of people or things.

What is the denotation of sequence?

the denotation of sequence is put in order

Give me an examples of denotation?

To "denote " means to indicate or mark or signify."Denotation" is the noun of that verb, but is rarely used outside the context of logic, where it is distinguished from "connotation".

What are some synonyms to denotation?

Some synonyms for the word denotation are explanation, annotation, answer, clarification or fixing. Settling, solution, terminology or delineation may also be used.

What are some examples of a denotation?

'Wind' is the denotation of natural air movement 'Poodle' is the denotation of a particular breed of dog.

What are some examples of denotation?

Denotation is when they actually define something in the narrative.

What is the difference between 'denotation' and 'reference'?


What definition best describes denotation denotation?

The exact meaning of a word. A+

What is denotation when is it used?

Denotation is the definition of a word. The denotation of a word is exactly what the definition is, in the literal sense. The reason this word is used instead of 'definition', is because of the existence of "connotation", which is the emotion surrounding the word and what the average person would take it to mean. For example, the word "argumentative" literally means 'having a tendency to argue', but when a person is called "argumentative" it is seen as an insult and puts them in a negative light. Denotation does not have any emotion in it, good or bad. Therefore, denotation is the strict definition, and connotation is the definition based on how a person would take the word in question to mean.

Denotation and connotation?

The denotation of a word is its definition, it is what the word normally means. The connotation of a word is a suggested or implied meaning that is additional to the denotation. For example, the word "natural" means found in the world of nature; not artificial. That is the denotation. Many people believe that anything natural is healthier and generally better than anything artificial, so "natural" is used as a complimentary term. That is the connotation.

Denotation in a sentence?

Denotation means, essentially, the most specific or literal meaning of a word. An example sentence is: The denotation of the word flower would be the plant.

What is the Latin root of 'denotation'?

De- and notare are the Latin roots of 'denotation'. The prefix 'de-' means 'from'. The infinitive 'notare' means 'to distinguish, mark'.

What is the antonym for wigwam?

A wigwam, used in the literal/denotation definition, has no antonym since it is a noun.

What is a denotation?

a denotation is the dictionary-ish defininition of a word. the opposite of denotation is connotation and that would be the images, sounds, feelings, etc., assoiciated with the word hope this helps!

Which term is used for the implied meaning of a word?

I believe you are looking for the word "connotation." Its opposite is "denotation."

What is an example of a denotation?

The explicit or direct meaning or something as in Poodle, which is the denotation of a certain breed of dog.

Examples of denotation and connotation?

(denotation)-red rose with green stem... (connotation)-Passion of love.

What is demotation?

Did you mean "denotation"? Denotation is the literal meaning of words in divergence to the idea or feeling that is indicates.

Is there a denotation in The Outsiders?

Denotation is defined as a word's literal definition, and every word in The Outsiders has a definition.

What is an example of denotation in macbeth?

There is a great deal of denotation in Macbeth, including any dialog or up front plot points. Denotation simply is what is immediately evident by reading the text of a work.