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When is hbk coming back to raw?


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2009-09-14 22:30:00
2009-09-14 22:30:00

He is already back at raw


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hbk is coming back in raw wwe

He is coming back, but not to wrestel just to help or be in the audience.

I dont think HBK is ever coming back

no because hbk said that he is notcoming back

he is with Shawn michaels .not sure if he is coming back. HHH will be back very soon, but HBK will not

yea is he will return after what happen at wreaslmania26

We do not know if HBK Shawn Michaels is going to be coming back to the WWE after what happened at the 25th anniversary but if we do find out we will let you know. It is possible the answer is never. After WM 26, he lost to the Undertaker and his career was over.

No but there is a chance he will go to Tna. June 2010 there is no chance in hell that HBK would go to TNA! If he chooses to return it will be with WWE the information came from HBK

yes he will come back to wwe at summerslame and put shamus in place he needs to be and i think hbk is the gm of raw ofily he is then dx will be back in wwe we got to words 4 a sick it

Yes, HBK is in smackdown vs raw 2011. But it doesn't look like he will be in the 2012 version :(

Yes, he will be coming back to Raw.Yes, he came back February 21, 2011.Yes, he came back Februar 21.

i think its got to be the hbk

no hes sooooo old and was embaresed enuf by HBK

Edge is coming back to WWE at the Royal Rumble 2010. I think he might be going to Raw because he is supposed to defeat Shamus at Wrestlemania.

yes hes comming back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, he's probably coming back today (21st February).

No, HBK is retired but he will come back occasionally in story lines or as a mentor to superstars.

yes because he was in the trailer

triple h is coming back apparently RR or elimination chamber

yes she will and torrie Wilson will come back too Neither are coming back to Wrestling

Probably. He just got a new daughter, and therefore he's taking a break. Maybe he will have a comeback with HBK? :)

evan bourne is back on monday night raw

If tou mean Shawn micheals he is back and has been doing great he has superkicked randy orton 3 times in a row which is 3 raw shows

Dave Batista is coming back when he recovers from his hamstring injury which will be in the summer of 2009, but hopefully sooner.

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