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That's true throughout any period of time

during which the acceleration is constant.

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Will the average acceleration be equal to the instantaneous acceleration?

The average acceleration of an object is equal to the instantaneous acceleration of that object if the acceleration is constant (i.e. linear when graphed). However, when there is not constant acceleration, there is no guarantee that the average acceleration is equal to the instantaneous acceleration (i.e. non-linear when graphed).

Is average acceleration equal to instantaneous acceleration for a uniformly accelerated car?

Yes. The average of a list of copies of the same number is the same number.

Derive the equation for instantaneous average acceleration vector?

You have a contradiction in your question. Instantaneous acceleration is the acceleration at a certain moment in time. Average acceleration is the average over a time interval.

When is the average velocity equal to the instantaneous velocity?

When an object is in constant motion (when there is no acceleration). At any point in that motion the average and instantaneous velocities will be the same.

What is the difference between average acceleration and instantaneous acceleration?

Average acceleration is the average of the accelerations acquired in the whole journey by a body while instantaneous acceleration is the acceleration of the body at any particular instant of time.

When will the average acceleration be equal to instantaneous acceleration?

Average acceleration will be equal to instantaneous acceleration when an object has an uniform acceleration throughout its motion. Example : A car accelerating at 1m/s2 uniformly in a straight line.

Find average acceleration and instanious acceleration?

average acceleration is the average of the acceleration of a body in its entire motion where as instantaneous acceleration is the rate of change of velocity at an instant. it may be a function of time or velocity or displacement.

To justify with calculation average speed is equal to instantaneous speed?

Only if speed is constant. There can be no acceleration if the average speed is equal to the instantaneous speed.

What is the difference between instantaneous speed average speed and acceleration?

Instantaneous speed: The speed at which I'm moving right now, this instant.Average speed: (The distance I covered during some period of time) divided by (the length of time).I may have had different instantaneous speeds at different points during that time.Acceleration: The rate at which speed changes. Acceleration can also be instantaneous or average overa period of time.

What is the instantaneous acceleration?

The instantaneous acceleration is how fast velocity is changing at a specific instant.

What is instentaneous acceleration?

instantaneous acceleration is the instantaneous change of velocity with respect to time.

What is the difference between Average Speed and Instantaneous Speed?

Suppose you accelerate in your car from stopped to 50 km.hr-1. When you were stopped your instantaneous speed was zero. At the end of the period of acceleration your instantaneous speed was 50 km.hr-1. If your rate of acceleration was constant then your average speed was 25 km.hr-1.

Under what conditions is average velocity equal to instantaneous velocity?

When there is no acceleration or when there is constant acceleration. When either of these cases is present, the graph of velocity versus time will be linear. When there is linear velocity, the average velocity will equal the instantaneous velocity at any point on the graph.

When can average speed and instantaneous speed be the same?

Average and instantaneous speed are the same when the speed is constant during the time period you're interested in.

How is acceleration calcuated?

Dividing change of velocity by the time it takes to change the velocity. If acceleration is not constant, this will give you the average acceleration during the period; to get the instantaneous acceleration, you have to take the derivative of the velocity.

Can the average velocity of the body be the same as instantaneous velocity?

Yes, the average velocity of the body can be same as the instantaneous velocity at a small time interval.The values of the average and the instantaneous velocities approach each other , as the length of time interval is decreased.

What does the slope of velocity time graph indicate?

The acceleration. If the slope is only at a certain point then it's instantaneous acceleration and if the slope is made from two points then it's an average acceleration.

What is the formula for aceleration?

There are, of course, several formulae that involve acceleration. The basic definition of acceleration is: acceleration = delta velocity / delta time, that is, to get average acceleration, divide the difference of velocity by the time that passed. The same formula also gives you the instant acceleration, if the acceleration is constant. If you want to get instantaneous acceleration, and the acceleration changes, then you need calculus: acceleration = dv / dt (that is, take the derivative of the velocity).

What is it called when speed stays the same at any given moment in time?

It is called zero acceleration/no acceleration. In other words, instantaneous velocity is zero.

Which can you find if you know a car travels 30km in 20 minutes?

Either acceleration, average speed, direction, or instantaneous speed.

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