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When is it too late to get unpregnant?


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October 09, 2008 3:55PM

If you mean when is it too late to medically terminate a pregnancy, I believe it depends on the situation. If this is a personal decision not based on medical reasons, then I believe it is 12 weeks (first trimester) although sooner is better (not something to be put off unless you were not aware of the pregnancy). If this is for medical reasons due to problems with the fetus or mother, then I believe there are options further into the pregnancy. For example, some older women chose to have an amnio test to look for problems which cannot be done until the 4th month of pregnancy. If a potential chromosone problem is found, the mother can chose to terminate the pregnancy at that point (which is later than if it is a personal choice). I believe there are always options based the situation, speak with your doctor.