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When is max Lopez's birthday in the show George Lopez?

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Robert Borden, Bruce Helford, and George Lopez created the George Lopez Show.

George Lopez is the name of a comedy show about the fictionalized account of the life of the man for whom the show is named, George Lopez.

The George Lopez Show, 2002-2007 and Lopez Tonight.

George Lopez and Constance Marie played married characters George Lopez and Angie Lopez on "The George Lopez Show." When they kissed, they really were kissing on the mouth.

Ashley Greene was not on the George Lopez show.

In George Lopez (Not the night show, But the show that goes on Nick N Nite) she is. But in reality she's not

The show stopped because George Lopez started a new talk show called "Lopez tonight." But, Lopez tonight stopped filming because of something that he said on there. I really liked the show "George Lopez." But at least, there are stll re-runs of it!

6 seasons. The George Lopez show ran from 2002-2007.

It went off air once George Lopez started his talk show

making the show george lopez,and forgetting the life he had when he was little

George Lopez is about a family of 4. George. Angie, Carmen And Max. They all do stuff.

In the studio is where the house of George Lopez is located of course.

Carmen's Real Name From George Lopez TV Show IsMasiela Lusha

She is the wife/mother character on the show George Lopez.

On his show "George Lopez Tonight" he measured his head and it was 25 inches.

I think she plays George Lopez' mother in the George Lopez Show.

The sitcom George Lopez was on air for 5 years.

it is said that he is in reallife and he put it in the show as well

george Lopez made 6 seasons.They were thinking about season 7, but george Lopez got cancelled right after.

In the show it's Carmen Consuela Lopez

o yea id bang george Lopez so hard

No, George Lopez does not have a son. George Lopez has a daughter with his now former wife Ann Serrano. He has a pretend son named Max on his television show.

He created the comedy show "George Lopez" with a few other people. So, yes he did make up his own show.

George Lopez was stopped because of Luis Armand Garcia as role of Max Lopez has been passed away