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Guitar Hero 4 is set to come out for the Nintendo DS between October and December this year.

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What is the next Guitar Hero game?

The next Guitar Hero game is Guitar Hero: Aerosmith coming March 2008, check out the Related Links below for more info on Guitar Hero Aerosmith including places to preorder.

What is the next Guitar Hero?

guitar hero aerosmith & guitar hero 4 -TayuyaRocks101

What is next in the Guitar Hero series?

the next guitar hero series is guitar hero world tour metallica which should be coming out in January of 2009 but they could of change it because when i looked it was in the July issue of gameinformer. in the gamestop coming soon its not there so it might not come out till December 2009 or sometime in 2010.

When is Guitar Hero 5 coming out?

Guitar Hero 5 is already out.

Does Guitar Hero has last resort on it?

No it does not, but I hope that the next Guitar Hero will have it.

What is he next Guitar Hero game?

Guitar Hero: Metallica ~Colton Jiran

When does Guitar Hero 4 comes out?

The next Guitar hero coming out is Guitar Hero Aersomith and that will come out in North America on June 29, 2008, Europe June 27, and Australia August 7. Guitar Hero World Tour (with drums andnew instruments) is tagged to come out October 27, 2008.

Will they be coming out with anymore Guitar Hero games after Guitar Hero warriors of rock?

The answer is.... yes, but Guitar Hero has been postponed for 2011 only. In 2012, a new Guitar Hero game should be released. :)

What is the new Guitar Hero called?

As of 8/19/09, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. The next to be released this year: "Guitar Hero 5".

When does Guitar Hero 4 come out for playstation2?

Guitar Hero 4 is coming out for the Nintendo DS not the playstation 2.

Will there be a Guitar Hero 4?

yes it is called guitar hero world tour is coming out in october 26 2008.

When is kiss Guitar Hero coming out?

Never. Guitar Hero was hung up by Harmonix earlier this year (2011).

When is Guitar Hero 2 coming out?

It has already come out

What Guitar Hero games are coming out?

Theres not going to be any more coming out.

How many Guitar Hero games are there?

The Guitar Hero games are:Guitar HeroGuitar Hero IIGuitar Hero: Rock the 80'sGuitar Hero IIIGuitar Hero AerosmithGuitar Hero World TourGuitar Hero MettalicaGuitar Hero IVGuitar Hero VGuitar Hero Van HalenDJ HeroBand Hero

Is ther going to be a Guitar Hero 4?

there have actually been 5 guitar hero games they are: guitar hero 1 guitar hero 2 guitar hero encore, rock the 80's guitar hero 3 legends of rock guitar hero aerosmith and the new one coming out october 26 2008 is: guitar hero world tour. wich is supposed to be like rock band, you have drums, a microphone bass, and guitar. and there have been rumors than you can create a song and character. its gonna be awesome!

What are the next Guitar Hero games?

Band Hero-By Activision and Red Octane, DJ Hero-By Activision and Red Octane, and Guitar Hero Van Halen! Woo Hoo!!!

Do the Jonas Brothers have a Guitar Hero?

>> there is no Jonas brothers guitar hero >> they're not - but i hope that they're NOT coming out with it. ueugh. the Jonas brothers SUCK

What is the list of guitar heroes'?

guitar hero guitar hero 2 guitar hero rock the 80's guitar hero 3 guitar hero aerosmith guitar hero world tour guitar hero mettalica guitar hero 5 guitar hero van halen dj hero band hero

What are the names of all the Guitar Hero games?

Guitar Hero 1, Guitar Hero Rock the 80s, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero Van Halen

What guitar hero is guitar hero arcade?

Guitar Hero III (Guitar Hero 3)

Is there going to be Guitar Hero 4 for Xbox360?

Hopefully there will be, but we'll just have to wait and see. Guitar Hero Aerosmith will be coming out June 2008 before Guitar Hero 4. I'm pretty sure Guitar Hero 4 and Guitar Hero Aerosmith are two separate games. You can find more info in the related links below.

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