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When is revenue recognised for consignment sales?

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Revenue is recognized for consignment sales by the supplier after the retailer (whom the goods were delivered on consigmnet to) has sold those goods. So, if 100 items were consigned too a retailer by a supplier, and the retalier sells 20 of those items; then only the revenue from the 20 items sold by the retalier are recognized as income by the supplier.

2008-11-07 16:10:42
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Q: When is revenue recognised for consignment sales?
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Sales revenue is recognized in the period in which?

Under the Accruals basis of accounting, Sales Revenue is recognised when it is earned and not when received.

Revenue on real estate sales is recognised when?

Revenue on real estate sales is recognized on the day you receive the monies for it.

How do you record a journal entry for consignment sales?

debit consignment accountcredit consignment sales

What is net cost?

sales sales revenue minus net sales revenue

What are sales revenue?

Sales Revenue is your Net sales minus your Cost of goods sold.

How do you calculate sales revenue?

To calculate the sales revenue, the sales returns and the allowances must be subtracted from the old value. Sales revenue has a normal credit balance, meaning that a credit to a revenue account illustrates an increase in sales.

What is the difference between net sales and revenue?

Sales revenue is the total money made Net Sales equals sales revenue LESS discounts, returns or allowances. For example: Sales Revenue $1000 Less: Sales Discounts $50 _____________________ Net Sales $950 Sales revenue and net sales are often used interchangeably. This is because accounts do not always have discounts, returns or allowances.

What is the sales revenue if variable cost is 40000 and fixed cost is 30000 and break sale revenue is 40000?

Sales revenue = breakeven sales + Fixed Cost Sales revenue = 40000 + 30000 sales revenue = 70000 Prove Sales revenue = 70000 Less: V.C = 40000 Contribution Margin = 30000 Less:Fixed Cost = 30000 Profit (loss) = Nill

Could Sales revenue minus sales returns and allowances and sales discounts equals?

Sales revenue minus sales return and allowances and sales discount equals?

Is the amount of sales tax collected on sales is recorded in the Sales Tax Revenue account?

combind revenue accounts

What is a example of a revenue center?

Sales department is an example of revenue centre as this department is mainly responsible for collection of revenue and sales of products.

Are sales assets?

No. Sales are part of Revenue.

What is the journal entry of cash collected from sale of tickets and recorded as unearned revenue?

Cash collected from sales of tickets should be charged to sales rather then unearned revenue so the correct entry is as follows: [Debit] Unearned Revenue xxxx [Credit] Sales revenue xxxx

What is normal compensation in consignment car sales?

lets say this nothing

What is the difference between sales revenue and the cost of goods sold?

sales revenue is exactly that, revenue. (income)cost of goods sold is an expense.

Is Sales Discount revenue or expense?

Sales discount is not an expense account, but is also a deduction to an income statement. It is just a contra account of a revenue account particularly a sales revenue account.

How do you calculate gross margin if no sales or revenue?

u cannot calculate without sales or revenue. STUPID

Is sales revenue an expense or asset?

Sales is a revenue not an expense or asset while difference between sales and expense is profit which is liability for business.

When calculating sales for revenue do you include sales tax?


What are performance ratios?

Measure of profitability in relation to sales revenue, this ratio determines the net income earned on the sales revenue generated. Formula: Net income x 100 ÷ Sales revenue.

What is associated with the accrual concept of accounting?

Revenue is recognised when earned.

Why is IT personnel never recognised for their work in organisations?

Because they don't bring in revenue. Sales brings in tangible revenue. Sure, without IT they couldn't do it, but it's not visible. IT is an expense, like toilet paper. You can't do squat without it, but it's (usually) there when you need it.

Is Revenue same as Sales?


Revenue is equal to credit sales?

Revenue is often used synonymously to the word sales (cash & credit both)

Example of total variable cost as a percentage of sales revenue?

Sales revenue define and give three examples