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he is coming back to wrestle John Cena at wrestlemaina 26

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No, but the rock iz coming

hes coming back in 2010 at backlash

When he is done banging your mom!

The Rock has recently been in talks with WWE about coming back as a guest host, and maybe more. Watch this space.

the rock to race the bigdog muy fav roman regins in 2020

yes he is coming back. he will enter when the rock and john cena are in the ring.

Jeff Hardy is not coming back to WWE!!! Rey is and Rock is just doing a few matches he is not returning full time.

NEVER The Rock Is Guest Hosting Raw This Summer. The most electrifying guest host in WWE. "If YOU SAMELLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, WHAT THE, ROCK IS COOKING"

finaly the rock!! has come back to the W W E

she is coming back to the wwe in august.

the rock is coming back to full time wrestling he has signed a 2 year contract with the wwe and he will be back in 2007 and 2008 so finally the rock has come back two the wwe !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i do not know when she is coming back to the wwe

No he is not coming back to WWE

Because the WWE Universe loves him. And by the way, it's called WWE now, not WWF.

=Answer= No, he is completely done with professional wrestling.

yes she is contemplating coming back to wwe

I'm not so sure anbout edge but the rock is coming back

yes mick foley is coming back to wwe . he is coming back on 11-14-11 :)

He is coming back this week

Dwayne Johnson is coming back to the WWE at the 2012 Wrestlemania.

no dx is not coming back because Shawn michells is retired from wwe

Yes he will come back to the wwe

I'd expect the occasional cameo here and there, but I'd be very surprised if he ever stepped into the ring again as a competitor.The rock will be back to wwe at 2008.He will be the wwe champion all the time.The people champion will be back soon.

Christian who already came backThe Rock is coming backRic Flair is coming backBobby Lashley Is coming backKurt angle is coming backThere is a few more I can't rember all of them

He is coming back February 21,2011

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