When is sara Shepherd's new series the lying game coming out?

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Well, the first book already came out :P on December the 8th 2010.. I love it soo much it is the most amazing book EVER!!

If you were obsessed with the Pretty little liars Series, then you will be in love with the lying game.

I don't know when the second book comes out (Never have I ever), I'm trying to figure that out now.. but the series is going to have four books in it.. if you don't believe me, go to this website and watch the video on the right.. she tells you a bit about the second book!!:

It comes out 8/2/2011.
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Who killed sutton mercer in the lying game by Sara Shepard?

It says that Sutton watched Emma tell Ethan the whole story, everything. It didn't go through the convoersation so I'm sure Emma told Ethan her name. I think it's too early to tell who killed Sutton. There are too many different possibilities. There's Laurel, Madison & Charolette who all had motives ( Full Answer )

What is the Lying game about?

It's about Emma Becker who is a foster kid, she finds her twin sister Sutton Mercer who lives "the sweet life" in Phoenix. They find each other because Sutton is searching for her birth mother an finds Emma. When Emma is framed by her foster brother she runs to Phoenix to her twin and they switch p ( Full Answer )

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Is there going to be a movie for the lying game by Sara Shepard?

There is a possibilty that one could come out because of Pretty Little Liars books. But even for that it took four years to produce a tv show. So my answer is maybe but I'm not sure. Hope this helped a bit! and BTW i wish the Lying Game actually would turn into a movie!

Who killed sutton in the book series the lying game?

alright, so in the first book it doesn't tell us who kills her... but i think it was Ethan only because when she was trying to leave he pretty much forced her to stay, and he knew she wasn't Sutton, also because he keeps to himself a lot and is always nervous. whenever Emma walks up to him he's alwa ( Full Answer )

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What are the names of the lying game book series?

Name of the book series are also "The Lying Game" but if you meant every single book they are: 1. The Lying Game 2. Never Have I Ever and coming February 2012 is; Two Truths and A Lie

What is Sara Shepherd's writing style?

Sara Shepard's writing style is mystery. Although it may seem like horror it really is mystery because we didn't know who "A" was and that was a mystery. Cliffhangers go along with mystery books therefore she writes mystery and that's her writing style

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