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When is the ''off season'' for Hawaii?

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Hawaii is a great place to visit year-round due to its tropical weather. However, even Hawaii gets winter. November through March there is generally more rainfall, but it's warm tropical rain. Despite the weather in these months, December - April is when the humpback whales call Hawaii their home, a sight not to be missed. So, to answer your question, there really is no 'off season' in Hawaii.

2009-05-07 21:14:15
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Q: When is the ''off season'' for Hawaii?
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When is rainy season in Hawaii?

When would it not be. No haha. It's when it rains of course. Anyone knows that. The rainy season of Hawaii is when it rains in Hawaii.

What is the length of each season in Hawaii?

In name at least, Hawaii has four seasons while in truth they usually divide it into the dry season and the wet season.

How long does summer last in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not have a hot season/ cold season- but they do have a rainy season dry season. Temperatures stay pretty much the same all year.

What season is it in Hawaii right now?

The answer to this question will vary. You might be asking about hurricane season, which is roughly June through November in Hawaii.

Does hawaii have a rainy season?

Yes, winter.

When is the tornado season in Hawaii?

Tornadoes are very rare in Hawaii, so it does not really have a tornado season. The most activity appears to occur in February and March.

Where can one find cheap flights to Hawaii?

You can book cheaper flights to Hawaii if you book during the off season which is between October and February. Flexibility is the key and try to schedule your flight to arrive and depart midweek.

When will Hawaii five 0 season 3 come out to DVD?

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Does Hawaii have winter?

Yes, it is called the wet season.

How do you say season greeting in Hawaii?

seonsons बधाई

When is the slow tourist season in Hawaii?

February and March

How much to buy a plane ticket to Hawaii from NY to Hawaii?

Anywhere from $500 To $1300 depending on which season you go on.

Is Hawaii a inland?

Hawaii is an island off the western coast of North America.

How many season does Hawaii have?

the same. they just have differant weather.

Will there be a Hawaii five-0 season 4?

Yes there will be.

When will Hawaii 5 0 season 1 come out on DVD?

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What is the duration of Off Season?

The duration of Off Season is 1.57 hours.

Is glee not on tv during the off-season?

On the off-season, reruns are shown every week.

Was Bethany Hamilton in Hawaii when she got attacked?

Yes she was. She was off the coast of Kauai,Hawaii.

Are there any cheap Hawaii vacations available on the internet?

There are always deals on vacations to Hawaii as long as you know where to look. Travel sites such as Orbitz, Hotwire, Travelocity or Priceline can offer excellent deals on various vacations including those to Hawaii. If you try booking your vacation during the off season, the prices will drop considerably.

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Where was entourage season 5 episode 1 filmed?

Oahu Hawaii

Which season in Hawaii has the highest waves?

The waves are highest in the winter/January.