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The book will probably come out late this spring.

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Where can you download the 7th book in The Sisters Grimm series?

You can get it on itunes I did

What is the 7th sisters Grimm book called?

its called "The Everafter War" well, according to the Sisters Grimm fan club website. :-p

What will the sisters Grimm 7th book be about?

There isn't any information available on sisters grimm book seven and we are not sure what the title or plot may be. We do however know that there is one and we will find out what happens with goldilocks and Sabrina's parents.

Which book does puck find out he gets married to Sabrina in sisters grimm?

The 7th book, 'The Everafter War'. Sabrina accidentaly lets it slip to Puck they get married.

Is sisters Grimm a seventh grade book?

yes the sisters grimm is for 7th grade. I'm in 6th grade and i read all of them so far. I think the author wrote the books for 5th graders and up, but I read my first one in 4th grade, though.

What happens to Mr Canis in the seventh book in Sister Grimm?

Mr.Canis is weak (because he's old) in the 7th book of Sisters Grimm. + he befriends Red, don't wanna be best buds with the dude who ate your gramma! Weird! Not Truly Yours, Bookpup

Where can you buy Sisters Grimm book 8?

Where ever you can buy iti don't think there is a 8th book but the 7th book is the everlaster warif that's what your talking aboutYou can pre-order it on, but i think that's it right now.

What happens in Sisters Grimm book 5 to Sabrina and Puck?

Sabrina and Daphne go into the future, and Sabrina finds out that she and Puck will be married in the future. Puck doesn't find that out until the 7th book, and he gets mad about it.

Does daphne grimm fall in love?

not yet atleast until the 7th book

How many days until the 7th sisters grimm comes out?

today is february 25 and may 1 is 65 days away

When will the newest Sisters Grimm book the eighth one come out?

Um, sorry but the 7th book just came out so the 8th book won't come out for a while. Sorry:) if it makes you feel better I'm waiting for the 8th book too and I'm wondering the same thing!It comes out May 2010.

What is the sixth sisters grimm about?

The 6th Sisters Grimm book is pretty much about Mr.Canis and the mystery of the Big Bad Wolf and how he became it when he's not a bad person. It's really funny (with Puck of course) and you'll be reading or experiencing ( I don't know if I spelled that right) Puck and Sabrina getting closer and a bunch of other stuff!You'll LOVE it (same opinion for the 7th and hopefully the 8th and the movie) !!

What is the book of everafter?

The Book of Everafter is featured in The Sisters Grimm series. It contains every fairy tale in the entire world in one book. If you touch it, you will be sucked in to a random story, replacing a lead character. Everafters in the 7th and 8th Sisters Grimm books use it to change their stories. At the end of each story, their is a door leading to the next one.The Book of Everafter holds all the stories of all Everafters. People can, in a way, enter the book, as long as they become part of one of the stories. There are "doors" at the end of each of the stories. These doors lead to other stories. People who enter the book have to follow the story they are in; they cannot change anything.The Book of Everafter is maintained by the Editor and his army of Revisors, who all make sure that all the stories work, even when people enter them.I'm not sure about all of this; this is just what I managed to guess from reading an exerpt of the 8th Sisters Grimm book. Sorry if it turns out that anything's wrong.

Is the 7th Sisters Grimm book the last one?

Thankfully, there are supposed to be nine books total. But Michael Buckley may bless us with more and more and more and more more and more and more and more more and more and more and more!

When is the 7th book of 39 clues coming out?

February 2nd, 2010.

What is the secret puck finds out in the sister grimm series?

In the 7th book Puck finds out that he and Sabrina are gunna get married, so he declares war on her

When is the 7th harry potter book coming out?

Idiot! It came of in January of 2007!

When will the 7th Vampire Diaries book come out?

Midnight is said to be coming out in 2010.

Does book six of the sisters Grimm tell who the leader of the scarlet hand is?

Nope. that's in the 7th one which is coming out on March 1 2009No its all about the big bad wolf/Mr.Canis and all of is crimes.Justfortdp's Answer: No.. But In book 7 it tells. I just finished it (took me two days) And the leader is Mirror.. Also the baby from Little Red Ridinghood's room is Sabrina and Daphne's little brother, and Mirror is going to take his body so he can leave the Hall of Wonders

What is the 7th book called in the last apprentice series and when will it be coming out?

Some time in 2010:)

In the sister grimm book 8 will Sabrina and puck get together officially?

In the 7th book Puck and Sabina admit they like each other so, I think so. no they don't but Sabrina does kiss puck,i think they might get together in book 9.

When is Skulduggery Pleasant book 7 coming out?

Skullduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked, the 7th book in the series, came out on August 30, 2012.

Is there going to be a 7th Pretty Little Liars book?

Yes, Heartless which will be coming out on January 19, 2010.

Will there be a seventh Harry Potter?

The seventh book has been published on 21 July, 2007.There already is a 7th book, and the movie will be coming out in 2 parts.

Is there Harry Potter part 7?

yes, there are 2 movies for the 7th book, the first one is coming out in November

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