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Unfortunately, TF2 for Xbox 360 will never get an update.

Vavle for some reason favors PC's. It's also easier for PC's to get updates.

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Can you unlock the Sandvich in Team Fortress 2 on Xbox 360?

No, it is like a weapon and is only for PC.

Are there Team Fortress 2 unlocks for Xbox 360?

No because Valve can't update the Xbox version. There are only updates for computer.

Is team fortress 2 on Xbox?

Yes, Team Fortress 2 is for Xbox 360 but it doesn't get updated.

Will valve ever update Team Fortress 2 for xbox 360?

I'm doubtful as they mainly just bundled it with HL2 but no-one knows for sure.

Release date for team fortress two update for xbox 360?

Most likely never. Valve only updates the PC (and Mac) version of the game.

Is Team Fortress 2 free on xbox?

No I do not suggest you buy it because, it doesn't update the way the free PC version does and your stuck with the default weapons and maps

Is it still possible to download Team Fortress 2 on Xbox360?

Yes Team Fortress 2 is available in the Xbox Arcade Store.

Is team fortress 2 monthly?

Team fortress 2 on a PC disk/ps3/Steam requires no monthly fee, however you will need to pay an Xbox live fee if you play it on an Xbox.

Are there team fortress 2 weapon upgrades on the Xbox 360 version?

No, there probably wont be because it is easier to add upgrades onto pc rather than xbox so you wont get exactly what you get on pc but you will get bug fixes

Where can you get team fortress 2 for xbox 360?

The Orange Box games collection, which includes Half Life 2, Portal and of course Team Fortress 2

Is team fortress for Xbox?

Yea. They have it for xbox and pc. I have it for pc. Although I know they have it for xbox i have not seen it played on xbox. They also have it for PS3 but it sucks bcoz it is so freezy.

What device is TF2 played on?

Team Fortress 2 is most commonly on the Computer(PC). You can purchase a game bundle called the "Orange Box" for the xbox 360 which has Team Fortress 2 on it.

What is team fortres 2?

Team Fortress 2 is a First Person Shooter, available on PC, Mac, Xbox and PS3

Do you need Xbox live gold to play team fortress 2?

No, it can also be played on the PC.

Is it legal to hack on team fortress 2 on Xbox 360?

No, its not legal to hack Team Fortress 2 on any platform. (PC, XBox360, PS3 or Mac) It is not legal to hack any game.

How do you unlock characters in team fortress for Xbox 360?

You can't. There are no locked Characters, only the default 9.

Is there crafting on Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox or Ps3?

No, item crafting was added to the PC version of the game along with the WAR! update On December 17 2009. item crafting will most likely never be added to the console version of the game.

How do you connect to Xbox live when there is an update for Xbox live?

You must update your console with the provided update or you cannot connect to Xbox Live.

Will Team Fortress 2 updates for the PC be on the Xbox 360 version?

The people at OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) always visit VALVe and they always say "Nothing confirmed yet". This might not be the final answer but for now, it is probably best to get it on PC.Yes, Team Fortress 2 is available for PC (Windows, OSX, Linux), Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

What games update your Xbox 360?

No games will update your Xbox 360. When you insert a game and it asks you to update, this is a game update.

Is Xbox Live gold membership needed to play team fortress 2 online?

If it's an online game, it needs Xbox live gold in order to play.

Is teamfortres for xbox360?

There is a veirson of Team Fortress 2 out for Xbox 360. I recommend to get the version for PC because, there is not a big online community for the game on Xbox like there is on PC.

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