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When is the ball judged to be 'out of line'?

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If it has fully crossed the line and the ref or linesman judges it to be out

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How tennis is judge?

It's judged by the fact the ball is either in or outside of the lines (court). if it's on the line it counts as in.

Making a forward pass beyond the line of scrimage does the body or the ball have to be beyond?

Up until just recently, it was judged as where the ball is. Now, if any part of the person throwing the ball, even just a foot, is behind the line of scrimmage, that is a legal pass.

What is a line ball in volleyball mean?

When the ball hits the line. Ball is in

Is the line in or out in baseball?

If the ball hits the line it's a FAIR BALL

The line on the side of the volleyball court?

it is the out of bounce line, if the top of the ball hits the line, the ball is in

In volleyball if a ball hits the line what call is made?

If the ball hits the line then the ball is called in. But if its even a little bit over the line then its out and the other team gets the ball.

Is there a game called line ball?

There is a computer game called Ball Line

Is the volleyball legal if it hits the line?

If the ball hits the line the ball is called in

Is the ball out when it is on the line in soccer?

No, the ball has to COMPLETELY cross the line in order for it to be called out. That means the entire circumfernce of the ball has to be on the out side of either the Touchline or Goal line.

How do you line up a golf shot?

line up your ball with the hole and your bat with the ball

In tennis if the ball hits the line is it in or out?

If the ball hits any part of the line it's in

How do you aim a golf ball?

Line up the printing on ball along target line.

What part of the ball has to cross the line for it to be out of play?

When any part of the ball or any part of the ball carrier touches the out of bounds line, the ball is out of play.

If the ball hits the line in volley ball is it in?

Yes. If any part of the ball hits any part of the line, it is considered in.

Does the ball have to cross the entire goal line or just touch it to be a touchdown?

Any part of the ball must cross the goal line. Once any part of the ball has "broken the plane" it is a touchdown. The "whole" ball does not need to cross the line. If the ball is touching the white line, but no part of it passes the white line it is NOT a touchdown.

What does it mean if the ball is on the goal line but not over the goal line?

in order for it to be a goal the ball is to completely pass the goal line

In volley ball is it good if the ball lands on the line?

if the ball lands on the line it is considered in and it depends on the situation your in to determine it good or bad

Is a ball in volleyball counted in if it hits the center line?

If the ball hits any line on the court, it is in.

What is the meaning of line-ball in volleyball game?

A ball falls on the line therefore it is faulty

If the ball hits the line is in or out of play?

One of the mysteries of baseball is that the foul line is "fair." If a fly ball hits the foul line beyond 1B or 3B, the ball is fair.

What is it when the ball lands on the line in volley ball?

If your asking if its IN or OUT. its IN

Is the line in tennis in or out?

In Singles and doubles if the ball hits the line then its in, that rule even applies if the ball just touched the line its still in.

Can you throw the ball in a rugby game?

Yes to the rear of the ball carrier, in line with the ball carrier and in the centre of the 2 teams when set for a line out

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