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When is the best time of the year to buy a used car?


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2005-01-08 00:23:10
2005-01-08 00:23:10

Depends on how the dealer buys insurance for the car. Most dealers buy insurance on a monthly basis, some don't. So for a dealer the best time would be at the end of the month, when they are more likelly to lower the price to sell the car. Also at the end or sart of the year. This is when dealerships want to sell and fast. If you buy from a private party, then it really doesnt matter.


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The best time of year to buy a new home is sometime during the spring or summer.

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There is no 'best time' they are not a seasonal item.

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When is the best time to buy a car? In summary the best time to buy or trade in a car will be as below: End of Year End of Month Monday to Friday

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The best time to buy a used car is at the end of the year when the new models are about to roll out. They usually give great discounts to hurry and get rid of the older models.

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