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To save money 5 Mantras are there -

1. Check the fares early of your voyage. Most of the airlines change fares constantly. Those who purchase within a week pay even more. So timing is important. It is to be recommended that you will have to start checking fare when you are sure about your flying.

2. It has been studied that, for domestic flight 49 days was the optimal time to buy ticket.

3. Tuesday and Wednesday are generally the least expensive days for domestic flight. The most expensive days are Friday and the Sunday.

4. Knowing when to travel will save your money easily. It ensures that Spring break, Thanksgiving or in Christmas time you will have to pay extra bucks.

5. To be smart enough, keep your eyes open on fare trends, sign up for Cheap Air Fare alerts.

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Q: When is the best time of year - financially - to fly?
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