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The BEST time to make your beatup credit look as good as possible is ASAP. Everything else is DOWNHILL from there.

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Q: When is the best time to offer partial payment of balance after a car is sold at auction?
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What happens if you can't pay any remaining balance on a repossessed car and do not have a job?

The car will be sold at auction. Whatever it sells for at auction will be deducted from the balance remaining. The credit company may initially offer to accept a reduced amount on the balance, but, if you're unable to pay that, they will turn it over to collections for the full amount of the balance remaining.

How can financial institutions offer a interest free credit card?

Financial institutions can offer an interest free credit card to sign up new accounts. The restrictions are quite severe including paying the balance in full each month. With one late or partial payment, interest reverts to the maximum limits.

What asset did Germany offer England as partial payment towards war reparations that Britain would turn down after World War 2?

The Volkswagen works.

What is an offer at an auction called?

A bid.

How do you get the title to a car you've had 5 years is on your credit as a repossession but the company never physically repossessed?

contact the lending institution and offer to make partial payment in exchange for the title.

How do credit card balance transfer fees work?

Balance transfer fee guidelines have changed beginning in 2007 and into 2008. Most creditors still have either a 3 or 4% balance transfer fee with a minimum of $5. However, there is no longer a maximum charge on balance transfer among most credit card issuers. This means that a balance transfer on a $10,000 offer could cost you $300 or more as a balance transfer fee. Furthermore, this balance transfer fee is often added into the next month's payment. This could cause this payment to be $300 higher than what you were expecting, which could make it hard to make the required minimum payment. Of course, if you miss that minimum payment, expect to see your interest rates skyrocket!

What happens when the time runs out on eBay best offer?

If you are the seller with a Best Offer stated on your auction, it is up to you if you want to accept the offer or not. If you are the bidder, then the seller will contact you to advise you if your offer has been accepted, if the seller does not accept any offer and the auction runs out, he hasn't sold his item

What was eBays first item offered for auction?

the first eBay item offer for auction was a broken laser pointer

Which companies offer business auction?

There are several companies that offer business auctions. These companies include, but are not limited to, the Auction Broadcasting Company, LLC, Sheriff Auctions and Southern Company.

What features does eBay offer?

Auction and Buy it Now features

What companies offer a 0 percent balance transfer?

There are a couple companies that offer a 0 percent balance transfer. Some of these companies are Discover, BankRate and Nerdoffer. 0 percent balance offer isn't something that is recommended.

Are future morgages better than normal ones?

Select Portfolio Services has financed a partial mortgage balance for 30 years at 0%, with a balloon payment due at that time, although, the bulk is still at market rates of about 4.25% currently. All other mortgages are either fixed rate, or step up and currently none offer lower future rates.

What are some credit cards that offer free balance transfers?

There are many credit cards that offer free balance transfers. Credit cards such as the 'Discover it Card' and 'Citi Diamond Preferred card' offer free balance transfers.

How do you know if someone who buys notes and houses is really on your side?

Be careful if they offer to purchase only a part of the payment stream with a promise to buy the balance at a later date. OK if they but the whole note.

How do you get a PayPal credit card?

A Paypal payment card isn't a credit card but it can be used as a debit card against a Paypal balance. At present, it is available only by an offer to selected Paypal users.

How do you receive payment when a buyer is willing to pay less than the high bid for an item on eBay after learning of a defect?

You would need to call eBay about this. There is a feature on eBay called "Best offer" maybe it was accidentally selected when you were listing the auction. Just send the buyer an invoice for what the auction went off at or call eBay and open a dispute.

Is there a payment plan to buy a headstone for a grave?

Yes! Some monument dealers do offer payment plans.

What is the balance transfer facility that gold credit cards offer?

Like most cards... it's simply an opportunity to consolidate all your existing debts into one card - leaving a simple monthly payment.

Which online money storing systems offer zero balance transfers?

There are several online money storing systems that offer zero balance transfers. Bank of America, Capital One, Chase Freedom, and Discover all offer zero balance transfers.

Do Division 1 schools offer partial athletic scholarships?

Yes, usually the only two sports that offer full ride scholarships to all of their lettermen are football and basketball. The rest usually have athletes on partial scholarships.

Do most online banks offer balance transfers for free?

Most online banks do not offer balance transfers. It is best to get a credit card that offers this feature.

How do you find free storage unit auction list?

There are many companies online that offer free storage unit auction lists. The best way to find out if storage facilities will be having an auction is to call them up and ask.

How can you calculate your car payment online?

Many financial instituions or car dealerships offer this service. They offer an online calculator where you provide the information regarding your car loan, and they will calculate the payment.

What is the purpose of a balance transfer offer?

The purpose of a balance transfer is to transfer balance. Many credit card companies allow the transfer of balance from one card to another. That is a balance transfer.

Is 0 percent apr balance transfer offer a trap set by credit card companies?

This offer is a trap. Once you have you begin paying off your balance, the one with the lowest APR balance will be paid off first, defeating the purpose of this low APR balance.