When is the best time to try to get pregnant after a miscarriage?


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2005-01-29 19:06:23
2005-01-29 19:06:23

I lost my baby the day before New Year's Eve and have been actively trying since (I had an evacuation so didn't have prolonged bleeding). Advice is to wait at least one full cycle, which is probably the best advice. I didn't take it because trying has helped with the grieving process. I think it depends on you and how you feel, but I wouldn't try anything if you're still bleeding and just be aware that you might not actually ovulate for quite a while so you need to be mentally prepared for the fact that although you're trying everything you can it might not happen anyway. I wish you all the best with your next pregnancy.


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I would wait at least six month to a year. You can try before that but give your body a chance to heal from it.

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No but if you choose "try for baby" you don't always get pregnant.

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Yes, you are supposed to be fertile right after miscarriage, so you can try.

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