Checkups and Tests During Pregnancy

When is the earliest a doctor will see you during pregnancy?

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A doctor may be able to detect pregnancy at around five weeks, though a heart beat will not be detected yet. Just an embryo and the thickening of the uterine wall.

Usually they set up an appointment at around 8 weeks.

In the UK you may never see a doctor unless you have a problem. You will see a midwife from about 8 weeks as well.

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Is bleeding normal during pregnancy?

See your doctor. Tomorrow.

Red blood during pregnancy?

See your doctor immedietly!

Is it normal to have a heavy period during pregnancy?

No, see a doctor immediately

A slight bleeding during pregnancy is good or not?

no go see a doctor

What can a father do if the mother will not go see a doctor during her pregnancy?


Earlyist time to do a pregnancy test?

6 weeks is the earliest time ... if u think you are pregnant see your family doctor

Is bleeding occur during pregnancy?

no, and if you are bleeding during pregnancy u need to go see the doctor because u might have had a miscarriage

Can tablets cause periods during pregnancy?

You shouldn't be taking tablets while pregnant so see your doctor about this bleeding during pregnancy.

What cause a painful ears during pregnancy and what can you use for pains?

This is not typical for pregnancy and you need to see a doctor. The strongest you can take without asking a doctor is Tylenol.

Is it normal to have a light pink discharge during the 35th week of pregnancy?

No, see your doctor.

Is green vaginal discharge during pregnancy normal?

Absolutely not. see a doctor immediately.

How do you get a induced miscarriage during 12 week of pregnancy?

You have to see a doctor and have a surgical abortion.

Colour of the vaginal discharge of periods during pregnancy?

vaginal discharge can vary in colour, thickness and amount during pregnancy. if you have any concerns see your doctor

Is it normal to throw up mucus during pregnancy?

It can be if your constantly being sick. If not, see your doctor.

Is a yeast infection during pregnancy bad?

Yes and can be life-threatening. See a doctor and get it treated.

Are there any changes in urine during pregnancy?

I couldn't tell but if there is for you, you should go see a doctor.

Can you spot with cramps during first trimester?

You can but you should see a doctor for any bleeding during pregnancy for them to determine if it is normal or not.

What doctor to see about pregnancy?

OBGYN or your family doctor.

What stage of pregnancy do you spot?

Spotting is not normal during pregnancy. Though some women do spot and end up having a healthy baby, you should see your doctor for any bleeding during pregnancy.

If you have your period during pregnancy can it be an extra heavy flow?

A extra heavy flow during pregnancy is a likely indication of a miscarriage. See your doctor ASAP or go to the ER now.

How do you confirm that you are pregnant?

Go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor).You take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after sex the earliest, or if you have an abortion they will confirm it there when they examen you.

If you get a negative result after some bleeding during a pregnancy does that mean miscarriage?

It might. You should see your doctor.

How can you lose your baby during pregnancy?

Either by miscarriage or abortion (induced miscarriage). For abortion you will have to see a doctor.

Is diarrhea normal during pregnancy?

If your diet and general lifestyle haven't changed then you should see your doctor.

Why are you experiencing constant sharp pains in your lower abdomen during pregnancy?

Go and see doctor or midwife