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Fall in the US According to the website, the first day of Fall (Autumn) in the US is Wednesday September 22, 2010, at 11:09 PM ET.

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Q: When is the first day of Fall 2010?
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When is the first day of fall in Canada?

September 22, 2010

What day of the week does first of December 2010 fall on?

1st of December 2010 falls on a Wednesday.

When is the first fall day for Colorado 2010?

Fall or autumn begins September 22, 2010 at 11:09 pm est.

Is the first day of Fall Sept 22 or 23 in 2010?

September 23,2010

What day does st patty's day fall on in 2010?

In 2010, St Patrick's Day will fall on Wednesday, March 17.

What day does Father's Day fall on in June 2010?

June 21, 2010 It depends on the country. In Australia, Father's Day is always the first Sunday in September.

On what day will you birthday fall in 2010?

My birthday will fall on 22 February 2010.

What is the first day of fall?

the first day of fall is October , 5 , 2009

In what year will Valentine's Day fall on a Sunday?

Valentine's day will fall on a Sunday in 2010!

On what day will Easter Sunday 2010 fall?

In 2010, Easter Sunday will fall on April 4th.

What day does Christmas day fall on 2010?

December 25th will occur on a Saturday in 2010.

When is the first day of Fall?

The first day of Fall is September 21. In the northern hemisphere.

First day of fall on calendar?

the first day of fall starts on September 22

What was the first day of fall in 1998?

The first day of fall in 1998 was on September 28th.

On what day will april16 fall in 2010?


What is the fall equinox?

first day of fall

On what day february051995 will fall on 2010?

friday, feb 5, 2010

When is the first day of fall of 2012?

Saturday, September 22nd 2012 was the first day of fall.

How many days Labor Day fall on the 4 from 1944 to 2010?

how meney days did labor day fall on the September 4 -1944 to 2010

What day will Easter fall on this coming up 2010 year?

Easter will fall on Sunday, April 4th 2010.

On what day will your birthday fall in 2010?

August 28,1996

When day will March 17 fall in 2010?


On what day will August 12th fall in 2010?

It was on a Thursday.

What day is the 3rd April 2010 fall on?


What day of the week does Halloween fall on in 2010?