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1997. Tom Osborne's last year.


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The 1969 Texas Longhorns were the last. The following year they split the Championship with Nebraska and had 1 black player,Julius Whittier, on the squad.

1966 was the last year Michigan State won a national championship in football.

The year wasn't provided so I didn't know if you meant the last year meaning the last season. Florida State won the college football national championship last year.

Clemson won the 1981 national championship in football. They beat Nebraska 22-15 in the January 1, 1982 Orange Bowl to win the championship.

Nebraska has one one bcs game. On January 2, 2000 Nebraska defeated Tennessee in the Fiesta Bowl (31-21). This was not a national championship, however. The national championship that year was the Sugar Bowl won by Florida State.

In 1970, Nebraska split the national football championship with Texas; and, in 1997, Nebraska split the national honors with Michigan. Nebraska also won the poll voting outright in 1971, 1994, and 1995.

The University of Connecticut won the NCAA National Championship Game in basketball last year.

No. The 2008 National Champion were the Florida Gators.

The 1995 Cowboys were the last Dallas team to win the National Football League championship.

None. They played for the national championship last year but lost to Auburn (22-19).

2005 but it doesn't count because they didn't beat an SEC team for the championship.

i am not sure of the amount but West Virginia has the most wins without a National Championship. I heard that during their bowl game last year. It is in the 600s

there wasn't any championship games that year

That was not the 2010 national championship matchup. If you're talking about the Iron Bowl rivalry game between Auburn and Alabama, then Auburn defeated Alabama in that game last year. The 2010 NCAA National Championship Game in football was won by Auburn against Oregon.

NCAA-accepted 2 National Championship for the University of Florida--1886 and currently the defending #1 team, having won the BCS Championship game last year (actual Jan. of this year) but for the 2006 season.

Peru State won the NAIA National Division II Championship in 1990.

The Detroit Lions last playoff appearance was 1999, their last conference championship was in 1957 also that was the year of their last championship.

Marshall won the Division 1-AA national championship in 1992 and 1996.

The most recent team to win a championship and not return to the tournament was last year's champions, the UNC Tar Heels. UNC won the national championship over MSU last year. This year UNC did not make the NCAA March Madness tournament everyone knows and loves but did make it into the NIT tournament.

Nobody. Dartmouth won the National Championship that year. Alabama claimed a share of it years later, using a retroactive system.

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