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There is no such prediction: it is not known when an asteroid will hit Earth. There are only some estimations, every how often asteroids up to a certain size will hit Earth, but no specific date.

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Q: When is the next asteroid predicted to hit?
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Related questions

When is the next asteroid predicted?

the next asteroid is predicted in 2029

When is an asteroid next predicted to hit the earth 2015?

Currently there are no asteroids expected to hit Earth in the next 100 years.

When is the next asteroid predicated to hit earth?

As far as I know, there are no specific predictions. Some asteroids are predicted to pass nearby; the probability of any specific asteroid actually hitting Earth is quite small.

When is an asteroid predicted to hit earth?

At the present time, no major asteroid is predicted to hit Earth. Asteroids with a diameter of about 5 -> 10 m hit the Earths atmosphere about once every year but are vaporised by the atmosphere with the power of a Hiroshima nuclear bomb. Calculating the path of an asteroid is a very tricky procedure and many have been "predicted" to hit - 2002 NT7 (Not too sure is NT7 is Windows 7!) was "predicted" to hit Earth in 2019 but after analysing it's trajectory with greater detail it was removed from the list of "objects presenting a threat".

When is then next asteroid to hit earth?


What is orpheus theory?

The theory of an asteroid named Orpheus will hit Earth and destroy civilization in the future years. The asteroid is predicted to hit Mexico. Don't be afraid because it may or may not happen :)

When is an asteroid predicted to hit earth again?

No asteroid collision is predicted. That's not the same as saying we have a guarantee that it won't happen. But nothing has been observed yet that's on a collision course with earth.

When is the next asteroid goin to hit earth?

No one knows

When is an aseriod next predicted to hit the earth?

in the next 768 years it is asteriod tenesa

What would happen if an asteroid were going to hit earth?

Just to begin; an asteroid IS going to hit the Earth. We just don't know WHEN. Or how big. Or how fast. The Earth has been hit before - MANY times before - and unless we humans intercept it, another will hit us. Probably not this year or next, but sometime within the next 100,000 years, an asteroid WILL intercept the Earth's orbit. What will happen? That depends on how big it is, and how fast, and where it hits.

Why is a big asteroid next predicted to hit earth?

There are currently no asteroids that are predicted to hit the Earth. Nothing in the sky that is big enough to be visible is likely to hit us. However, astronomers frequently discover nearby objects that are very close indeed. in fact, last October, astronomers located a fairly small asteroid on a collision course with Earth - only 18 hours before it hit. That asteroid, a fairly small object about the size of a small house, exploded over the Sudan without causing any known damage or injury. And last month, astronomers discovered an asteroid that's in a "co-orbit" with the Earth, never very far away and moving in pretty much the same direction. The nearest thing to a "prediction" is the asteroid Apophis, which will come very close to Earth on Friday, April 13, 2029, and again on Friday, April 13, 2036. However, further analysis of the orbit of Apophis indicates that there is only one chance in 40,000 that it will hit.

When did the asteroid hit Mars?

the asteroid hit mars in 1824

Why did and asteroid hit the diosaurs?

an asteroid hit the dinosaur and killed them

Could the asteroid belt hit earth?

No. Occasionally an asteroid is knocked out of the asteroid belt and some of those asteroids eventually hit Earth, but the asteroid belt as a whole will not hit us.

Is it true that in 10 years or so an asteroid will hit earth?

Well if you were watching the discovery channel 2 years ago it said that a scientist looked up into space and saw a asteroid heading our way and he predicted it will hit us in 10 years or so if that is true we only have 8 years until it hits. Oh I forgot it also said this asteroid looked bigger than Jupiter.

Is it possible an asteroid will hit the earth next year?

no it wont next year we will still be here so we can not be deid next year we will be in shcool so no

When is an asteroid next going to hit the Earth?

Many thousands of objects hit the earth every day.It is not possible to predict when an asteroid, large enough to cause significant damage, will next hit the earth.There is no prediction about a specific date. Should any asteroid hit us during the next few centuries, it would come as a surprise. There are general predictions about probability; such as an asteroid above a certain size hitting every so-and-so often (on average).

When is an asteroid next predicted to land on the earth?

The arrival of asteroids is unpredictable; it is doubtful that we would get more than a month's warning, and may be a big one will arrive in the next minute.No one can tell the exact day or time.

Where did the asteroid hit the earth?

What asteroid? There were several.

When is an asteriod next predicted to hit the Earth?

We don't know when the next big asteroid strike on earth will be. But we are sure it will happen. Sooner or later. There will always be a number of predictions out there as regards when we'll get hit again, but until you hear it from a group of astronomers who have done their homework, it would be wise not to worry too much about it. Oh, and those "seers" who say one is coming? They'll be passing the hat or otherwise expecting payment. Use the link below to the related question.

What country did the 2008 asteroid hit in Canada?

no it was not an asteroid that hit the earth, it was kevins big mouth

What was noteworthy about Asteroid strikes in Sudan in 2008?

Scientists correctly predicted the impact in advance.

Has the earth been hit by an asteroid?

Yes. An asteroid probably hit Siberia, in Russia, in June 1908.

Will world end in September 2015?

No, the world will not end next month. The fact that an asteroid will hit the Earth is just a (false) rumor.

Could the orbital alignment on December 21st 2012 somehow cause an asteroid to hit earth?

An asteroid might hit at any moment. There is no reason to believe that an asteroid will hit any time soon, though.