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It comes out 5 weeks. The next one is in May 14.

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from what i've herd they're not making any more even though they say so :( ps add me im sophiecatz122304

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Q: When is the next moshi monsters missions?
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Where are the missions on Moshi Monsters?

the missions on moshi monsters are at the volcano but you have to be a member to do them

When is the next super moshi mission coming out on moshi monsters?

Moshi Monsters releases Super Moshi Missions approximately every 5 weeks. Watch the Daily Growl for information on new Super Moshi Missions.

How do you get missions faster on Moshi Monsters?

You can not get the Super Moshi Missions any faster than when Moshi Monsters releases them. Watch the Daily Growl for information about when missions and adventures will be released on Moshi Monsters.

When will the next super moshi quest be out on moshi monsters?

Keep checking the Daily Growl for information on any future updates to Moshi Monsters, including any new Moshi Missions.

What are quests on Moshi Monsters?

Quests are called 'Super Moshi Missions' on Moshi Monsters.

When is the next set of moshi monsters super moshi missions coming out?

the daily growl said "around the corner"

How do you get more than two missions at the volcano on moshi monsters?

It takes time for the missions to come because the creators of moshi monsters are making the mission! There are more missions now at the volcano! You have to finish one mission before you can get the next one.

How do you get more missions on Moshi Monsters?

To get more Super Moshi Missions on Moshi Monsters, you have to wait till they are released. Keep updated with the Daily Growl!

When you have done the first 3 missions on moshi monsters how do you do the next ones?

There are only three currently.

When are season 3 missions coming out on Moshi monsters?

i dont know but it might me next month

How do you get missions on Moshi Monsters?

You have to be a paid Moshi Member to get Super Moshi Missions on Moshi Monsters. Super Moshi Missions are given to you by the Elder Furi in the Super Moshi HQ, which is located in the Volcano. You can also watch the Daily Growl on Moshi Monsters as they will post a link to each new Super Moshi Mission when it is released.

How do you get a tunie on moshi monsters?

Do the Moshi missions There is Plinky and wallop

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