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Where is B5 performing next?

mont gomery Alabama

Is b5 coming out with a new album?

OK, I am A B5 Fan Also. Now In My Opinion Diddy Is Really Like To Be Hard On Those Boys And Really, Take His Time With All Of His Bad Boy Team. And I Think He Goes And Take Very Long Vacations So Who Know When B5 Has The Next Album Coming LOL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To further answer this question, B5 is no longer on BadBoyRecords, and they say that their workin on a new album now...but they didn't give a date as to when it will be released. I am a B5 fan also and i cant wait till it come out and they go on tour again:)

What does the name b5 come from?

5 boys.... 5 boys with a Breeding last name so its Breeding5 then its B5!

Is B5 going to come out with a new album soon?

Yes b5 or audio is going to realease their album with upfront megnatainment

What are the ranges of the characters in Next to Normal?

Dan- B3 - B5 Natalie- G3 - F5 Diana- E3 - F5 Gabe- A3 - B5 Henry- A3 - B5 Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine- A3 - G5

Is b5 singing still?

B5 is singing still in their new stage name AUDIO and their next album is coming out 2011! So all we got to do is wait.

When and where is the next b5 concert?

all i know it is held in Atlanta some day

When will b5 come to Tennessee?

they wouldn't set foot in that state even if they had to!

What year did b5's song all i do come out?


When is B5's next concert in Illinois?

Check the band's website to see where they are touring.

What is B5 cellphone numbers?

what is b5 cell phone number

Will b5 ever come to Baltimore again?

im pretty sure they broke up.

Where does b5 live?

B5 lives and Atlanta

What is b5 mixed with?

b5 is black and white

Does b5 have a girl?

i do not no if b5 has girls but they should

Where b5 from now?

b5 is from Atlanta,Georgia

How long was b5?

it was like 6 people in b5

How big is b5 paper?

how big is b5 paper

What happend to b5?

They are alive don't worry! They just made a new name AUDIO and are going to stick with that instead of B5. So if u want to hear them sing again become the next AUDIO fan :P

How tall is Patrick of b5?

How tall is Patrick Breeding from B5

Is b5 in ciara video 12 step?

Yes that is B5

When was U Got you by B5 made?

© 2005 B5

What is b5 dustine girlfriend name?

what is b5 girlfriend name

How come B5 isn't perform right now?

they r doing dance junkeez right now

When is b5's next concert in Indianapolis?

no one know yet but i know that the littlest one byran said the girls are to wild do he does not want to come back but the rest of them said he was a baby so the rest of the want to come back and they are going to drag byran along with them _myanna_

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