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Kingdom hearts 2 is official release on December 1, 2005

AnswerActually it's either Dec. 1,2,3, or 17th. or supposedly it's Mar. 1st 2006. Answeri heard it comes out on December 15 10 days before xmas!-Brittany Answeri heard its out feb 2006 AnswerElectronics Boutique in Calgary Canada, has the release date set for the 11th of April 2006!!! Why the Wait? AnswerGame Stop says March 2006. Officially March 2006. AnswerNEVER!!!! AnswerWalmart . com says it comes out in feb 2006, hope there not lying AnswerI cant wait much longer AnswerWalmart . com says it comes out in feb 2006, hope there not lying i cant wait much longer and both say 24th Feb 06 says 26th Feb 06

Answerit comes out in America in December of 2005 Answeri heard its coming out in march 30, this sucks!!!!!! AnswerI heard it's feb. 20th 2006! i hope the info was right. AnswerRE: and both say 24th Feb 06 says 26th Feb 06

AnswerI heard it comes out on march 31st. which is the actual date
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Q: When is the official release date for Kingdom Hearts 2?
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When will Kingdom Hearts III release?

Kingdom Hearts III has no specific release date as of this time.

What was the Japanese release date for Kingdom Hearts 2?

The Japanese release date for Kingdom Hearts 2 was on December 22, 2005.

What year dose Kingdom Hearts 3 come out?

count the years between kingdom hearts one and two release date, add that to kingdom hearts two release date, and that's your answer (most likely, there is no confirmed release date).

When was the release date for Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts was released on September 17th, 2002.

When does Kingdom Hearts come out on psp?

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep has no release date as of now

What is the release date for kingdom hearts 3 in Canada?

There is no set release date

What is release date for Kingdom Hearts 3?

There is no true kingdom hearts 3 but there are multiple other kingdom hearts titles like Kngdom hearts 365/2

When does Disney or square-enix meet to decide the date of release for kingdom hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release after 2012.

When is Kingdom Hearts Reconnect coming out?

There is no Kingdom Hearts game with that title. The current games that have been announced are: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - 3DS (in development, no release date yet) Kingdom Hearts 3 - (not yet in development, no release date yet)

What is Kingdom Hearts 3582 days release date?

the release date is spring of this year for the moment

What is the release date for Kingdom Hearts Recoded?

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded was released in Japan on October 7th, 2010. It was later released in N.A. on January 1st, 2011. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded's final release date (Europe) is January 14th, 2011.

When is Kingdom Hearts Recoded coming out in the UK?

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded's release date for the UK is January 14th, 2011.

When does kingdom heart three come out?

There's no release date yet for Kingdom Hearts III. There will be Kingdom Hearts III and that won't be the ending of the series! but Kingdom Hearts III won't come out until Final Fantasy XIII Versus is release.

Is there a Kingdom Hearts for the ds and psp?

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, which has just come out in Japan, and is due for a late September release in the US, and is for the DS. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is for the PSP and does not have a release date yet.

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 out on game?

No, and a release date has yet to be announced.

What is Kingdom Hearts reconnect release date?

"Reconnect" is not actually a new Kingdom Hearts game. It's the name of the secret ending in Re:Coded.

Whn does kingdom hearts 3 come out?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is yet to be a confirmed title by Square-Enix or Disney. It is therefore clear that there is no release date yet for the game. We have simply added this page in anticipation of there being an eventual title, and this will be the page to confirm a Kingdom Hearts 3 release date.

What is the release date for Kingdom Hearts III in the US?

between 2010 and 2011

What people and worlds are they going to be in Kingdom Hearts 3 PS2?

There will not be a Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS2 unless you mean Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Release Date: December 2, 2008

What is the release date for Kingdom hearts rechain of memories in the UK?

It has laready been released.

What game comes after Kingdom Hearts?

The game that comes directly after Kingdom Hearts in terms of release date and relation to the plot is Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. and after that is kingdom hearts 2. AND THEY ARE MAKING 2 MORE GAMES CALLED KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS AND KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP!!!!! and also i am not sure if they are making this one but i think there is one called kingdom hearts 3

Where will kingdomhearts3 comeout?

there is not a kh3 there is kingdom hearts 2 final mix release date ???? kingdom hearts birth by sleep for psp release date ???? {kh2fm is for ps2 you can buy it from japan} kingdom hearts 358/2 days weird name is for ds and dsi not sure when it comes out but i think 2009 hope i helped

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date in the US?

Before KH3 comes out, I believe Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix will be released. Even the release date for that game is unknown, so it could be a while before we hear anything of a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3. (I am improving this answer because Tetsuya Nomura said that he was never going to bring the game KH II:Final Mix to the US,he said it will remain in Japan.)

What month will Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep release date UK?

September 10, 2010

Will there be a new game of Kingdom Hearts for the 3ds?

Yes. It is currently being developed and will be called "Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance". There is currently no scheduled release date for the game, however.