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In some cases yes it is. If it wasn't a violent relationship then the split-up is heart-breaking. After all, the two of you spent a part of your life together with good memories and it's a tough decision to make and you will surely miss each other.

Part of it is not wanting to hurt that person, part is fear, part is you are afraid you may be making a mistake and when you realize it (it doesn't always happen) you are aware it could be too late to patch things up.

You must have your reasons and you sound like a bright individual, so, if you've made your decision then go with it, cry a little, but don't close the door on this relationship until you've had "head space" to think things out and be sure of your decision.

Even in marriage if the couple just disagree or fall out of love, they should go for a separation and not straight into a divorce. Sometimes we just don't know what is good for us and we can make mistakes.

2006-08-18 05:27:30
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