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I would start by checking and cleaning the battery cables.Might be something as easy as that. Also I would try hooking up jumpper cables to the connections under the hood. this would elimanate the battery and all cables from under the rear seat. If it starts fine with jumpper cables trace it backward to fine bad cable. now the bad news,if none of this helps it is most likely a bad start solinoid witch is mounted on top of the starter. More bad news the starter is under the intake manifold.This is a a job to remove the manifold and injectors and wiring to get to the starter.Hopefully the lose or dirt battery cables fixes the problem. Good luck, hope this helps, Ben Parker, San Jose, Ca.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-16 03:37:26
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Q: When it does start eventually1995 Aurora starter just clicks one time each time you turn the ignition Is this the starter failing because when it starts starts like a champdoesn't do it every time?
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