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Needs cap and rotor

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Q: When it rains your 1997 Honda prelude doesnt start?
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If your Honda Prelude doesnt start what is the main problem?

The Manufacturer

What could cause my Honda Prelude not to start?

Your Honda Prelude might not start because of a dead battery or an empty gas tank. It may also not start due to a damaged starter or a battery that is disconnected.

My Honda Prelude start but wont stay running?

check ignition

How much it costs to fix timing belt on Honda Prelude?

The cost to fix a timing belt on a Honda Prelude will vary depending on labor costs, parts, and location. On average, prices will start at about $400 to change the timing belt.

Why my1991 Honda Prelude no start?

Without providing any other details, your question is just stupid. Since you did not provide any details, this is the best answer I can provide: Your prelude no start because you no turn key.

1996 Honda prelude you turned it on this evening and suddenly you put it on first gear tried to drive it and it turned off and couldn't start it no more?

1996 Honda prelude i turned it on this evening suddenly i tried to drive it it turned off and i couldn't start it on i charged my battery put it back on my car tried to turn it back on it sounded like it wanted to start but it wouldn't start then we tried to push it to start it and it wouldn't start it seemed like if the tires would lock them self when i tried to start it?

Honda Prelude out of gas now will not start?

if its stick just push start it. put down the e brake and push whill someone in the car and make them keep pumping the cluch

Your Honda Prelude sparks but wont start?

Could very well be a fuel problem. Possibly the pump. More info is needed for an educated diagnosis.

My 89 Honda prelude will start but when you accelerate the car will start to spit and putter. i possibly think that it maybe the alternator but i am looking for more ideas on what the problem might be?

it could also be a carburetor problem

How do you start your 1990 Honda prelude without a keyI lost it 4 days ago now?

Medium size flat tip screwdiver and a large hammer

How do you remove a stock radio from a 1989 Honda Prelude?

my 88 2.0 si radio was bolted in from the back and sides. start taking apart the console and get behind it to unbolt it

Why is your 1990 Honda Prelude si over heating?

An engine can overheat for any number of reasons. Start by making sure your coolant system is up to date and well maintained.

Your Honda civic will not start every time it rains and it will not start if the engine light is on?

I had this problem with mine (1995 Civic) and after the 3rd mechanic got it, all he did was replace the computer and it works fine. The others had no clue there was a computer on board.

Would the clutch positioning switch keep your 1989 Honda prelude from starting?

Yes, this switch must be activated to allow the engine to start. If this switch has failed, it may function improperly or not at all.

What make 1991 Honda prelude burn too much gas?

There are hundreds of answers to this question. Start by doing a tune up... air filter, plugs, wires, and distributor cap and rotor.

Why is your 2000 Prelude making a squeaking noise for a second when you start her up?

It could be the belts getting old or worn on your Prelude.

How can you tell if the starter is bad on a Honda accord 1999 ex v6?

Does it it start sometime and not others? Does it click when you turn the ignition to start but doesnt start? Then its probably bad. Make sure your battery is fully charged first.

Why will 1987 Honda Prelude si not start We checked the main relay and replaced the fuel pump We are getting fuel at the fuel filter?

are you getting fuel past the fuel filter. do you have spark at the spark plugs

Why is your 1988 Honda prelude si hard to start when sitting in the heat of the day?

It is your main relay. Its under your dashboard on the driver side. it is hard to see. its on the left side of the fuse box you might have to unscrew it.

Can you tell me why my 1999 Honda Civic EX won't start it cranks but doesnt start changed the fuel pump distributor?

Try changing your ignition coil....they're a common problem with hondas.

How do you get the master key to work again on a 1997 Honda Prelude after someone attempted to start it with an unprogrammed key?

Once you have used the other programmed key, the master key you have now will not work. You will have to make another copy from the Honda dealer. It should cost from 100-300 U.S. Dollars.

Why sometimes does your 1990 Honda prelude 2.0 Si start when you turn the key but shuts off after you let go out of the starting position but will keep running if you hold key in the stating position?

Bad ignition switch?

Your 1986 Honda 200sx ATV doesnt start what can be the problem?

check te spark plug and if that isn't it and if ur motor isntblown its ur cdi box

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