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Sounds like water ingress, possibly in the fuse box area.

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Q: When it rains your radio your heater indoor tail and brake lights do not work Is the problem your relay switches And if so how do you find which one it is If it is not the relay switches What is it?
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What is the difference between indoor outdoor Christmas lights and indoor only?

Indoor/outdoor lights can be used inside or outside while indoor lights are designed specifically for indoors and should not be displayed outside.

No rear lights or brake lights on PT Cruiser. Could this be a fuse problem?

It could be, along with broken wires, unplugged connections, failed switches,

Why are my dash lights heater lights tail lights and my heater in a 2000 Pontiac sunfire not working?

This sounds like an issue with a fuse. In newer sunfires, if the Radio/ACC fuse blows, no indoor lights work and nothing will turn itself off when the car is off (meaning your daytime lights will stay on even with no key in the ignition). It's a 20w minifuse, walmart sells a pack for about $3.50.

What could be the problem with a 1999 Lincoln town car that has no park lights or tail lights all fuses good?

I had this happen to my 1999 town car. There is a computer lighting module which controls the action of the lights. A bad module causes lights not to respond to switches ( the switches don't turn on the lights directly, but send a signal to the computer lighting module). This unfortuantely is an expensive replacement.

No heater working no dash lights?

first check your fuses, switches, wires. you should find the problem with lights checking these. Now for the heater you still want to check the fuses, switches and wires. Be sure the heater hoses are connected. I recently saw a used car that the heater core was bypassed. is there any heat at all? are the vents blocked (I had this problem with leaves from sitting for a long time before I bought my jeep). there is a cable that runs from the dash to the heater core housing. This opens and closes a door that allows heat in, is the cable connected and working? There is a rheostat on the outside of the housing check the wires and condition. if there is obvious corrosion or damage replace this. if you have some heat but not much it could be the fan it is located in the engine compartment on the passenger side. if you need more help resubmit your question with the make model and year and what you have tried and I will try to help from there. good luck

What is the problem when a 2003 vw has no brake lights turn signals headlights or wipers?

Start by checking your fuses. Then bulbs. Then switches in that order.

How do you wire 4 lights to 3 Switches?

There is no way to safely 4 lights to 3 switches. You can however complete this process by splitting wires.

Do I need a GFCI for lights in the garage?

no. as long as the lights or switches for those lights are not out in the wheather and cann't get wet.

How do you replace the dash lights that illuminate the heater control switches on a 1995 jeep Cherokee Laredo?

take off your dash bezel that stretches from your gages past your radio then remove the heater control box and it will be on the back twist it out and replace your bulb for around $1.00.

Can you use sensor lights like normal toggle switches?

If you attach then to normal switches as well as the centre

How do you turn off the dome lights in a Ford Taurus wagon?

depending on the year the Taurus lights will either have switches on the sides, or the switch is made into dash dimmer switch. If these switches wont turn the lights off, check the doors to make sure that the door switches operate properly.

How to get the lights in heater controls and drive pad working on 2001 Toyota Corolla?

check fuses and and all switches one may be bad.also check bulbs behind dash they may be blowed.

Why does the Dome lights flash on and of in a Lincoln Navigator?

Do you mean that the lights inside go on and off as you drive? If so, the problem might be the door switches. They control the interior lights and sometimes get gummed up. Spray WD40 in the door latches and open/close the doors a few times. This usually fixes the problem. Good Luck!

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Three way switches do not have a up-on down-off position. With the lights off, reposition the switches so that the handles are all down. This is the start position and depending on how you enter the room and turn on the lights certain switches will be left up when you leave the room. That is just the design of the switches and for the asthetics of the look, all handles down the lights will be out.

Can you use a SCR instead of a relay to control output wattage of a heater?

Yes, using a method called phase control. This method is also used in dimmer switches to continuously reduce the brightness of lights.

Interior lights are alway on jeep?

Check all the door and light switches, they are turned on by twisting the light switch to the left, also the pin switches on the doors will activate the cabin lights.

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Binoculars, objective, lights, light switches & stage

How do you replace heater control button lights on 1997 mercury villager?

You would need to pull out the heater control panel to get at the bulb holders. Some of the bulbs are micro-bulbs that are actually inside switches. Unless you are skilled at disassembling small electronics and soldering small parts, replacing these might not be practical.

How do you wire 4 can lights to 3 switches?

If you wire the lights in parallel you can then decide on any switch to control any light