When king equals 4221 and queen equals 21451 then prince equals?

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25672 prince u stupid idiot
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What is equality?

Equality in its wider sense, as in the definition of equal opportunities in the Scotland Act 1998, encompasses gender, race, disability, sexual orientation and also individuals and groups facing discrimination on the grounds of age, language or social origin, or of other personal attributes, includi ( Full Answer )

Are 2 twin mattresses equal to a king sized mattress?

One twin mattress is 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. One twin XLmattress is 39 inches wide and 80 inches long. A standard king sizemattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. So technically tworegular twin mattresses don't exactly equal a king size mattressbecause they are too short by 5 inche ( Full Answer )

What is equal?

Equal is when something is equivilent to something. for example, 3+3 is equal to 3x2.. these two problems are equvilent because they both equal six.. another example is pie+pie and cake+cake because they both equal cookie!

If a is equal to b... then is not a equal to not b?

Yes. I'm assuming this is talking asking about boolean logic (the question makes little sense otherwise). If a and b are equal, then the complement of a and the complement of b are equal.

What is 2xplus3 equals 9x equals?

2.33333 NO subtract 2x from both sides so that the x's are all on one side and the numbers are all on the other, you should get 3=7x. Then divide both sides by 7 to get the x by itself. 3/7= 2.333333 * * * * * The correct answer is 0.428571... The earlier answer is correct all the way to the ( Full Answer )

Are 2 twin mattresses equal to a queen size mattress?

No. . A twin mattress measures 39" (wide) by 75" (long) . A queen mattress measures 60" by 80" . So two twin mattresses, side by side, would be 5" shorter and 18" wider than a queen mattress.

What does 3m equals 9 equal?

If this is an algebra problem; m is a variable. therefore: 3 * m = 9 (divide the right side by 3) m = 9/3 9/3= 3 m = 3

B equals 11-a a equals?

B = 11 - a Add 'a' to each side: B + a = 11 Subtract 'B' from each side: a = 11 - B

How Martin Luther King help black people get equality?

He was the leader of their cause, their spokesperson, the face of the Civil Rights Era. What he did is too much to describe on Wiki Answers. I recommend typing his name into Google search for more information.

What does equals equals mean in java?

operator is used to compare the references of the objects. Public bollean equals(Object o) is the method provided by the Object class. The default implementation uses operator to compare two objects. \n\n. The simple "=" sign is used for assignment - assigning a value to a variable. Here are ( Full Answer )

X2 equals -6x equals?

x 2 = -6x => x*x = -6x Divide both sides by x: x = -6 Check: -6*-6 = -6*-6 => 36 = 36

115oz equals equal pound?

7.18 lb. One pound equals to 16 ounces and one ounce equals 0.06 of a pound. Also this relates only to solid (weight) ounces. There are two different kinds of ounces, ounces of weight/mass and ounces of volume (fluid). This can change when you are using the ounces to measure a non-liquid such as flo ( Full Answer )

Do the citizens have equal or not equal rights?

equal of course it only depends on what you believe. if your gay or straight and if you are white and if your male and if you are rich and if you can afford to have said rights It depends on what country you are asking. In the United States for example there are forced inequalities based on gen ( Full Answer )

If a equals 5 and b equals 7 then c equals?

The answer to this question depends on what method you are supposed to use. If a, b, and c are sides of a triangle, use the Pythagorean Theorem: C^2 = A^2 + B^2, C^2 = 25+49, C^2 = 74, C = 74^1/2 (or the square root of 74). If you are following a pattern and A = 5, B = 7, then C may = 9. It all dep ( Full Answer )

Why are angles equal when sides are equal?

This is only true of triangles. Rhombi and other "squashed" polygons with more than three sides show that it is not true otherwise. The two equal sides meet at an angle. It can be shown that the bisector of that angle divides the triangle into two triangles with one set of equal sides, one common ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between equals and equals equals operators?

This would only be applicable in computer programing. ' = ' is the ' assignment' operator . The term ' a=10 ' would be assigning the value '10' to the variable a. ' ' is the 'equal to' operator . The term ' a10 ' would be testing if the value of the variable. It would generally be used i ( Full Answer )

If an A equals 4.0 than an A- equals?

2(Gary Oak's girth - 1/2Chuck Norris Roundhouse kick) + 3(height of the Eiffel tower - number of knees an elephant has) all of this divided by number of plastic balls in the Castle of Fun ball pit. Which, coincidently is 3.666666666...

What does a equal if 9a is equal to 36?

9a = 36 9a/9 = 36/9 a = 4 Explanation: To answer this equation we must get "a" all by itself on one side. "a" is an unknown variable that as far as we know right now, could be anything. "9a" really means "9 times a" (or that we have 9 "a's"). To get "a" by itself we have to divide "9a" b ( Full Answer )

What does a equal 9a equals 36?

a=4because to find a you have to do the opposite which would be divide and 36 divided by 9 equals 4. 4 times 9=36.

Do a twin bed and a full size bed equal a queen?

No - a Full bed is 54" wide and a Queen is 60" wide, the difference between them is only 6". In addition, twin and full beds are both 75" long, but a Queen is 80" long. HTH.

What is equals equals in algorithm notation?

means equals (!) The reason that they use two equals signs is to distinguish it from 'assignment'. For example, if I say x = 5, then what I am saying is that I have assigned the value 5 to x. But if I say x 5, then I am asserting that x may equal 5. The result of my assertion is said to be 'tr ( Full Answer )

What is a equalize?

Verb' equalize to make equal , corresponding or matching e.g Manchester united football club equalized with Barcelona 0-0

Why is Prince Philip husband to the queen not king?

Queen Elizabeth II is the heir to the house of Windsor, and hence inheritor of the monarchy; Prince Philip is not descended from the house of Windsor, and is not in the line of succession to the throne.

What does y equals x equal?

It simply states that the number represented by x and the number represented by y are equal. You could simply write y = x

What is the name of the king that decided what 1 inch is equals to?

Apparently there is documentation that Edward II legally definedthe inch in terms of 3 barleycorns, however it was in use since1066 making it that William I may have defined it. A barleycorn is still used today as the base measure between UKshoe sizes - each size up is a barleycorn longer than the ( Full Answer )

How did martin Luther king work to gain equality?

he delivered his very famous speech:'i have a dream', he also did a march in washington with a quater of a million people black and white, he also preached to give encouragement and hope and he came up with the idea of a bus boycott all of these things were very successful:)

What is 7X-12 equals equals?

In order to solve for x, 7x - 12 must equal something. If 7x - 12 = 0, then x = 12/7 If that's 7 times -12, that equals -84.

Are 2 queen mattresses equal to king size?

a queen bed = 60 by 80 a king bed = 76 by 80 So the width is the same so two queen beds do not equal 1 king bed, they would be much bigger

What did martin luter king do to get equal rights for everyone?

Just SO many things. But his main method for allowing equal rights was the use of nonviolent protests, despite the fact that the authorities (who were unfortunately all racist) used violence to break up the protesters' groups. In the end, though, the nonviolent protesting worked. Though unfortunatel ( Full Answer )