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Sure, you can use tongue anywhere. Go for it.

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Do your tongues touch to each other's tongues while kissing?

Yes, if you are 'French' kissing.

What is Normal Kissing?

Kissing without tongues.

Are your tongues supposed to touch when you kiss?

They don't have to but they can. Kissing with tongues touching is referred to as French kissing.

Why do boys like to use tongues when kissing girls?

To impress them =P

Why does my boyfriend want to French kiss me?

The use of tongues while kissing is very common.

How do you kiss someone with tongues?

As you are kissing, both of you open your mouths and just let your tongues sweep into the other person's mouth.

How do you give a tongue job?

French kissing is known as a tongue job amongst other things. It is when kissing you insert tongues.

What does people shifting mean?

It means two people French kissing ( tongues )

Is licking a boy or girls toungue snogging?

No it's not that. Kissing is lips, french kissing is when tongues are inserted. try not to lick though.

Why do boys stick their tongues girls mouths when kissing?

It's called French kissing. Guys do it as a form of pleasure. Aka making out ;)

How do you kiss with tongues?

Kissing with a tongue is simpleThink of a washing machine. Let you tongues swirl round. I know it sounds 'ew' but you asked didnt you?this is referred to as French kissing. when your kissing or making out, you just gently slip your tounge in. make sure that your not forcing, and go the pace that she wants to, or he.

What do guys like girls to do when kissing?

There is different types of kissing usually a long kiss is a French kiss where the two's tongues can explore eachothers mouths.

What do snakes us there tongues for?

Snakes use there tongues for a lot of thing. Snakes use their tongues for smell and to find food.

When kissing do both tongues enter each others mouth at the same time?

Not always. Though, it might happen. But probably both of your tongues will be in each others' mouths.

Can you fail a drug test by touching suboxone film or kissing someone that is taking suboxone films?

can you fail a drug test by touching suboxone or kissing someone that is taking suboxone films

Do butterflies use their tongues to suck up nectar?

They use their tongues to suck nectar

Do birds use their tongues to drink?

Birds use their tongues to taste, they use their beaks/ mouths to drink.

Why do giraffes use there tongues?

if you mean Their tongues, then it is to eat and taste.

Does touching tongues count as kissing?

Yes, that's called a French kiss and is often part of making out.

Using tongues will you get pregnant?

No. One cannot get pregnant through oral sex or through French/deep kissing.

What does it mean when my boyfriend won't get turned on when I was on top of him when we were kissing with tongues?

He just might not get turned on by that or he may not have been in the mood.

What is about tongue only?

a french kiss is about tongue and its when you have 2 people kissing with their mouth open and their tongues wrap around the other.

If you ask your boyfriend if he got turned on when you were kissing with tongues and laying on top of him and he said maybe is that likely to mean yes or no?


Why do we touch each tongue when you kiss?

We don't necessarily. When tongues are touched while kissing, it is intended to be a particularly intimate kiss.

Why do numbats stick out their tongues?

Numbats use their long, sticky tongues for catching termites.