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I have only used imitation vanilla when making chocolate chip cookies. Yes, and it will make little difference in the final product, since the main flavor of Chocolate Chip Cookies comes from a combination of ingredients, including brown sugar, butter and Chocolate Chips. Using high quality pure vanilla is more important when it's the primary flavoring, like vanilla ice cream or custard.

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Q: When making chocolate chip cookies can you substitute imitation vanilla instead of pure vanilla?
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Can you use milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet chocolate?

It depends on what you are baking, but for most recipes, like cookies for example, you can definitely substitute milk chocolate.

Can you use imitation vanilla instead of vanilla extract when making cookies?

Yes, it is possible to use imitation vanilla when making cookies. However, imitation vanilla usually does not taste as good as real vanilla extract.

Can you use baking chocolate to make chocolate chip cookies?

Absolutely not; baking chocolate will bleed into the cookie dough when it melts, leaving you with chocolate cookies instead of chocolate chip cookies.

Why were chocolate chip cookies invented?

Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies in 1924. Rumour has it she ran out of currants to put in the cookies and used chocolate instead. She tried to make chocolate cookies, but instead they came out in "CHIP" form. The chocolate chip cookies were named "toll house cookies" after an inn that she and her husband ran in the 1930's.

Do you like chocolate chip cookies?

I prefer oatmeal cookies instead, because they are sweeter and moist. Yes. I like chocolate chip cookies, but I like chocolate chip oatmeal cookies even better!

Can you use real butter as a substitute for imitation butter flavoring?

Real butter can be used instead of imitation butter flavoring. Imitation butter flavoring is typically used instead of real butter when people have health issues that make the consumption of butter bad for them.

Can you use semi-sweet chocolate for cookies instead of unsweetened chocolate?

Often you can, yes.

What can you substitute for baking soda when baking chocolate chip cookies?

Whenever i cook i always use self raising flour instead of plain flour and baking powder! Hope this helps

What can you use instead of eggs in chocolate chip cookies?

You can use whip creem

Can you use margerine in chocolate chip cookies instead of butter?

Yes, of course :) Substitute 1 for 1 = use exact same amount of stick margerine as you would stick butter in your chocolate chip cookies. Note: do not try to use margerine spreads (i.e from a tub) = not solid enough & will ruin your recipe. Good luck!

What can you use instead of cocoa powder for cookies?

You can use melted chocolate instead, there are many website which contain recipes for chocolate treats using melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder. It also tastes nicer too! :) hope it helps x

Can you use half and half in stead of milk in no bake cookies?

In most cases you can substitute half and half instead of milk. This will make your no bake cookies richer.

Can you substitute flour instead of cornstarch in a chocolate pie filling?

Nope. Tastes bad, not as thick.

Can you make chocolate cookies with coco powder instead of chocolate?

It's usually not such a good idea to do that with any recipe as, with cocoa obviously drier than chocolate, there's a good chance it'll ruin the cookies (from wrong proportions of wet and dry ingredients). (:

What is the chocolate in Almond Bark made from?

Almond Bark, while like white chocolate, is not actually chocolate and is not made from cocoa butter. It is instead made with vegetable fats as a substitute.

What can you use to substitute baking powder in chocolate ship cookies?

You can use self-raising flour instead of plain flour in the recipe, but there's not really any other substitutions. Baking powder is really essential to get the cookies to rise and crumble properly - you'll end up with rock hard biscuits otherwise.

Can Use chocolate chips instead of baking chocolate?

Not generally -- because there is unsweetened (baking chocolate). The best thing to substitute is cocoa powder and butter/oil/shortening. For each ounce of baking chocolate substitute 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon of butter (or oil/shortening).

What can you use instead of brandy in baking?

Many of my old recipes suggest apple juice as a substitute for brandy when baking cakes and cookies.

Who invented the ginger snap?

Rebecca Darnell invented the Ginger Snap in 1776. She was trying to make chocolate chip; cookies but instead of putting chocolate in she put ginger in.

Can you make chocolate chip cookies without baking soda?

actually there aren't any recipes for chocolate chip cookies without baking soda. it isn't impossible u use self-raising flower instead of using baking powder

Can you use ground nutmeg instead of ground cinnamon in oatmeal raisin cookies?

Yes you can, nutmeg is an acceptable substitute for cinnamon is oatmeal raisin cookies. It is actually preferred for those who have an allergic reaction to cinnamon.

How do you make cookies without vanilla and baking soda?

You can make African butter cookies. Yo just need 4 sticks of butter a LOT of granulated sugar. If you are talking about chocolate chip cookies those are gross so make Asian cookies instead

Can you use applesauce in chocolate chip cookies instead of butter?

No I wouldn't think so ... unless you wanted apple chocolate chip cookies, which would be sort of gross .... and you would still need butter. But hey! it could work, its worth a shot :D

How do you make chocolate chip cookies without melting the chocolate chips?

Eat the dough raw!! LOL (only if the eggs are pasteurized). Heat + chocolate = melting. Use actual chocolate chips instead of chunks of chocolate. They will melt, but firm up as the cookie cools.

What to do with stale chocolate cookies?

You can crumble them over ice cream or pudding. You can crush them and use them as a pie crust instead of graham crackers.