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Okay???? It's inevitable, it's called swapping spit for a reason.

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Is it okay to swallow gum?


Is it okay if you swallow a worm?


Is it Ok to swallow boba?

Yes you can, but you usually chew it and then swallow it. It will not be too bad if you did not chew it though.

Is it okay to swallow pool water?

no because it will make you sick

Is it okay to swallow pills that dissolve under tongue?

No. If a pill is made to dissolve, it will not work as well if you swallow it, or it may not work at all.

If a persons parents are okay with their fifteen year old son dating a eighteen year old girl is it okay?

Yes! There is not an age limit for dating as long as you love each other!

Is it okay to swallow prickly pear seeds?

I did, but man the trip lasted for days.

How do you work safe at school?

if its at night its okay, nothing is there. if its at day there is other people, try making friends and they will protect you.

Is okay if hamster swallow tape?

No, its is not good because it could me toxic , or the plastic case respiratory problems.

What if the cat swallow the efficascent oil what happen to the cat?

you should take it to your vet to make sure its okay!

Is it bad for your daughter to swallow her toothpaste?

I did when I was a kid and ended up okay. I still would have her spit it out though.

Is it okay to swallow semen if you have diabetes?

There's no problem if you swallow ones semen or your own semen if you have diabetes Unless you mix it with sugar or something sweet can be attributed to high sugar level

Is it okay to have dogs swallow left over bones?

Only if they are RAW. All cooked bones splinter and are dangerous!

Is it okay for dogs to eat bugs?

yes, because it will not bother them at all. it will just swallow it just like it was food.

Is okay to drink human pee?


Is it okay to eat paper and then swallow it?

yeah if its a tiny peice.i ate a peice a paper and it was tiny and im still ok

Is it okay for a woman to pee in a mans mouth?

if she makes me do it, and told me to suck and swallow, i would be so excited that i would comply

What do you do if you have nail polish on your face?

Clean it off! Then, you should make sure it does not get into your mouth or eyes. if you swallow just a little you will be okay. But, if you swallow alot, you should call a doctor. There are very bad things in nail polish!

Why are rivers fresh and oceans are not?

Because rivers have clean regular water and oceans have salty water if yhu were to swallow ocean wter yhu would get sick but if yhu swallow river water yhu might be okay

Is seaman okay to drink?

Semen is not known to be harmful to swallow. It may even possess protein. The only deterrent may be its taste.

The E-prefix to the word okay Can it be demonstrated to have any other meaning than Electronically okay E-okay?

Answer NO it can not

What if your swallowed tooth gets stuck?

It depends did it get stuck in your throte or did you swallow it if you swallowed it then its okay but if its stuck in your throte then you should drink a lot of water.

Describe the process for making vulcanized rubber?

yeah okay so you do that.

Is it okay to curse at other people?


Is it okay to take expired Ritalin?

No, taking any expired medication including Ritalin can be very dangerous to a persons health.