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They are physical changes.

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What state of matter is custard?

It is a frozen liquid. when it thaws it changes forms into a liquid so it is a transformer between mater forms.

How matter can change forms but the total amount of matter remains constant?

it changes forms and the matter stays the same because of adam tonon

Is condensation gas to a liquid change?

Yes, condensation changes liquid water to a gas. Then water vapor forms clouds in the atmosphere.

What are the three forms of matter?

The three forms of matter are solid, liquid, and gas.

Can matter change forms?

Yes, matter can change forms. Matter can change from a sold it a liquid (melting) solid to a gas (sublimation) liquid to a solid (freezing) liquid to a gas (evaporation, if slow, vaporization if through boiling) or gas to liquid (condensation). I have not heard of matter changing from a gas to a solid directly, however. There is also plasma, which is only able to happen through a gas I presume, since you need such intense heat. I am unaware of plasma any farther than that.

What are the state or forms of matter?

The states, or forms, of matter are liquid, solid, gas, and plasma.

What type of change does not change the identity of matter?

Many physical changes will not alter the identity. However, some physical changes, such as heating or cooling will result in phase changes and so the identity will be different. While ice and water are chemically the same, they are not identical forms of the substance.

What are the physical forms of matter solid liquid and gas called?

Solid, liquid and gas are "states" of matter.

Is water always liquid?

Yes, water is always a liquid. There are three forms of matter, solid, liquid and gas. Water is liquid form or matter and ice is the solid form of matter.

How is gas and liquid alike?

They are both forms of matter.

Physical forms of matter?

States of matter are:solid,liquid,gas andplasma.

What forms when water vapor changes into a liquid?

Water forms by the condensation of water vapor.

What cause matter to go through changes of state?

Different temperatures cause matter to change state. When the temperature lowers, matter condenses and forms a solid. When the temperature rises, matter spreads out and becomes a liquid. If the temperature rises even further, the matter could become so spread out that it isn't visible to the naked eye anymore, which would be a gas.

Is liquid a form of energy?

No, Liquid is a state of matter. Other states of matter: liquid, gas Other Forms of energy: Sound, Kinetic, Light...

Process where a liquid changes into a gas is it physical or chemical?

Liquids and gases are both states of matter. Any change in state of matter is a physical change, whether it be boiling, freezing, melting, or condensing. Steam is water is the gaseous state and ice is water in the solid state. They have differnet forms, but the chemical makeup remains the same.

Condensation is a change form of?

Condensation is when matter changes state from a gas into a liquid. Any type of matter can go through condensation, however, it most commonly refers to water. Condensation is also commonly talked about as a stage of the water cycle, when water vapor turns into liquid droplets suspended on tiny particles in the atmosphere, and forms clouds.

What are some forms of energy that are related to changes in matter?

Forms of energy related to changes in matter may include kinetic, potential, chemical, electromagnetic, electrical, and thermal energy.

In what 3 forms can matter exist?

Solid, liquid, and gas

The physical forms of matter?

solid, liquid ,gas ,plasma

What are two forms of matter?

Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma

What is the three forms of matter called?

They are solid , liquid , and gas.

How does matter form different types of mixtures?

Matter forms different mixtures because you create solid, liquid, and gas. All these are mixtures but they are a atom they don't change their reaction.

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